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Spring 2000

EMIL RICHARDS RECORDINGS - anything by this loony is wortha listen. Hey, he wears glasses and a comedy moustache and his time signatures are bonker. Anyone who plays Take Five like Take Eight rocks.

THE POWER OF THE TRUE LOVE KNOT - Shirley and Dolly Collins. Incredible C17th and C18th love songs sung in a sublime traditional style. Timeless. Folk to die for.

ADVENTURES IN PARADISE - Minnie Ripperton. The perfect album to fall in love to again and again.

THE RUBAJAT OF DOROTHY ASHBY - Harpadelic madness goes east. Incredible in every respect. Charles Stepney arrangements. Bet it gets bootlegged.

WAHOO - Eero Koivistoinen Music Society. Unpronounceable jazz rarity from Finland. Two bass players at the same time...killer fusion never bettered. Was originally issued on vinyl and cassette.

THE MIGHTY GRAHAME BOND - the beast plays organ stateside, and with a spelling mistake.

THE WHITE ALBUM - The Beatles. Gets me out of bed and sometimes makes me cry.

VERUSHCKA - Morricone at his most progressive. Spooky lullabies sung by Edda all the way through. Soundtrack to die for.

HISTORY OF MELODY NELSON - Gainsbourg. See it on any format and buy it. An essential rock sex funk monster. Will never be bettered by anyone anywhere ever.

UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE - Fred Karlin. The soundtrack with everything. Madness. Great breaks too.

COLD MOUNTAIN - Michael Garrick Trio. This is lovely. Pretty piano music, and as usual with Argo jazz based Lps, totally overlooked. Tough blues number on there too.

STILLNESS - Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66. Mature and beauiful LP. Still a favourite after 10 years.

ROSEMARY'S BABY - Christopher Komeda. The spookiest of all soundtracks. Great jazz in every respect. Respect.

FOLLOW ME - John Barry. Up there with Midnight Cowboy. But better than any other Barry score, truly beautiful in every way. Simple, repetitive and still quite undiscovered.

PIG BY VVM - Northern sound anarchists release pig coloured 7" single of squeals and more. If only more people took as many risks we'd all have more laughs.

STETHESCOPIC HEART BEAT RECORDINGS - possibly the best natural rhythms you'll find. Includes "seagull click" Issued by Phillips.

COME PLAY ME - Mary Millington talks dirty for 18 minutes. Cool.

ANNA LOCKWOODS WORLD OF GLASS - silicone sounds for your akai.

CONROY EUROBEATS - early 70s Italian experimentation with jazz and electric moogie systems. Awesome beats/breaks. Lots of space.

THE 13 GREAT RULES OF SELLING - close that deal baby.

THE ADVANCED DRIVING COURSE, VOLUMES 1-4 - issued for the metropolitan police force driving school. Neenawneenawneenaw.