Trunk Kitchen


Derek's Dirty Dishes

Derek writes: To begin with, this is not only my favourite kitchen image but one of my favourite images ever. I believe it to be the work of prolific genius Serge Jacques judging by the style and also by the clothing which was a common set of props in many of his photo sets. It just has everything: sexy, relaxed, nostalgic and the suggestion of a prosaic reality - making a coffee for Serge between shoots perhaps. And those cool curtains. And that fag.

I'd love to get a high res scan and see if there any more in this set. Reluctantly, as you can imagine, I have been forced to wade through hundreds of erotic magazines and websites trying to track down the source. If anyone has any info please mail derek at trunkrecords dot com.

Margaret Nolan

Famous sixties model Margaret Nolan/Vicky Kennedy in another great nostalgic kitchen shot. Such great colours. I have a fitted kitchen same as everyone else, but aren't they super-dull compared with the old freestanding kitchens?


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