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The Findus theme and recipes

Produced by Jeff Wayne and sung by his wife this is the early 70s Findus fish theme, called "Gone Fishing". It's quite sad because you get the impression the Findus fisherman is going to get lost at sea and will never return. The B side has some fabulous recipes read out by Gordon Jackson, including a great version of anchovy sauce for you and your fish dish.

The George Benson Cookbook

Fine and early jazz outing by Georgey baby, includes Lonnie Smith on organ. Superb and lively session, always went down well when I was in charge of the tape machine at the Pizza Piazza restaurant where I worked before I went to college. The cover has all the band standing on bits of kitchen, which is nice. And you can't beat a jazzy bossa when preparing food for friends.

Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet

In a festive mood. A real treat for all those ladies in about 1969, when the Galloping Gourmet was really the only charismatic male chef on telly. Thinking about it, he was probably the first. This LP has him reading out letters to the show, telling stories with a little "spice", and also helping you prepare for the perfect festive occasion. The B side is classical music to cook too, which I think is out of date. Quite a good psychedelic cover mind, with lots of recipes inside, all printed on a kind of Diarrhoea coloured paper.

Tommy McCook

Yes, that's right, any ska by Tommy McCook is exceptional in the kitchen. And if it's all going horribly wrong just dance along to Tommy and get a takeaway.

The Fruit Song

Jeannie Reynolds A classic in every sense of the word - this is a suggestive song all about bananas and cherries. Filth.

I love you Alice B Toklas

Elmer Bernstein's lively score to the Peter Sellers grass filled hippy classic. Sort of has nothing to do with cooking, but has at the same time. See the cookbook cupboard for more information.

Lalo Schifrin, Marquis De Sade

I'm not going to type out this entire LP title because it would take too long. This LP has got into the Kitchen because it really is fantastic to cook to. Here Schifrin did the fashionable 1967 thing of doing baroque in a jazz style, which I have always felt works for me in a pinny. It must the rhythm or something.

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