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The OST Show has been on air now for about 8 years. Possibly longer. In that time, and every week (except for two) Jonny Trunk has produced and presented this two hour show about film music, TV music, library music and related recordings. The show is based on my love of film music, my constant investigations into this vast musical world, helped along by other collectors, composers, artists, directors and people who find themselves somehow involved in film music.

The show is broadcast every week on Resonance FM, London’s art broadcasting station. And where would we all be without Resonace FM. The show is live on FM (not digital) and can be heard or streamed live via

Also, a small digital archive of show is now slowly building up since we got our podcast license, so you can enjoy shows either directly from the Resonance FM podcast page, or via iTunes.

Below is a long list of just a few of the shows that have run over the years.

Jonny in the old Denmark St. studio (image: Derek Collie)

The OST Show. Resonance 104.4FM.
Saturday 4:30pm to 6:30pm.
Repeated Wednesday 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

tune in

Of course if you’d like to be a guest or have a good idea for a show, please get in touch.

3rd October 2010 Carlos Slazenger

Yellow Pearl – Phil Lynott
Bessi Argerachi – Stayng Alive
Pazuzu (unknown cover) - Morricone
Dr Who – Mankind
The Stretchheads – Sweeny
I Wish How I know It Would Feel To BE Free – Nina Simone
Rhoobarb – Extended Carlos mix
The Mugwump – Reg Wale
Devil’s Gallop – Tony Peggler
Day The Fish Came Out – Mikis Theodorakis
Nuts In May – Keith And Candis Marie
Sarah Miles – Where Am I?
Spiderbabay – Ronald Stein
The Blob – The Five Blobs
Soup For One – Chic
My Name Is Nobody – Morricone
Maypole Song – Paul Giovanni
Light Flight – (Peel Session version) - Pentangle
Raising Arizona, end titles – Carter Burwell
Poor People – Alan Price
Everybody’s Talking (cover)
Hardworking Man –Beefheart (Blue Collar)
Arthur Lowe – Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler?
I Think I’m Beginning To See The Light – Cat Stevens
White Horses – Jacky
Fashion Show from Liquid Sky OST
Man Eaters On Motorbikes by The Faded Blue
I Must Know – Neil Hefti


8th May 2010 Jonny Trunk On His Own OST Show
Make Me Rainbows – Mark Murphy
Tell Her You Love Her – Otley OST
Morning Sun – Face Off OST
Can I go – Roger Nicholls
Love Has a Way – Goodbye Columbus OST
Sometime Now – Ronnie Hazelhurst
Anthony And Cleopatra Theme – Paul Horn
A Rose For All – Bacalov
James Bond Theme – cover
I Believe In Miracles – Mark Capiani
On The Road – Pet Clark
Two cues from Sam Spense CD
Apito No Smaba – Garincha OST
Rockefeller Centre – Bonsignore (library)
Bang On – Cut Chemist
Pulsasione – Dan Domenico (library)
Big Spender – Sweet Charity OST
You Only Live Twice – Soft Cell
Dancing Toothbruch – Percussion Unit (library)
Red Lady Two – George Harrison (Wonderwall OST)
In The Park – George Harrison (Wonderwall OST)
Party Seacombe – George Harrison (Wonderwall OST)
Deep Deep Down – Mike Patton
Borderland Montuna – Mancini (Touch OF Evil OST)
Man With Icy Eyes OST – I Marc 4 (3 cues)


OST Sean O’Hagen Show 11/12/2010
Girotondo – Morricone
High Coin – Harpers Bizarre
Club De Esquina – Milton Nascimento
Enregistrement – Francois Hardy
Style – Gianni Oddi
Samba E Amore - Morricone / Buarque
Quadra Da Rogas - Ivan Lins
Farewell Alderbarn – Judy Henske / Jerry Yester
Red Sky In The Morning – Piccione
Bora Bora – Piccione
Galleria – Allesandroni
Personale – Allesandroni
Blue Rhythm Festival - Piccione
I Figli Morti – Morricone
The Eagle And Me – Van Dyke Parks
Road Diva - Morricone / Buarque
Open the Window – Rock Hudson
La Vie Des Artists (Generique) – Gane / O’Hagen
Check To The Queen – Piccione
Flicts – Sergio Ricardo
Menina Gata Augusta – Georges Benn
What’s More I Don’t Need Her - David Whitaker / Lee Hazlewood
Robbery – Johnny Keating


Busy Boy
Mike Sammes Singers - Dulux Super 3 (Dulux 45)
Roger Webb - Up West (DeWolfe LP)
Pythagoras Theorem - Free Like Me (Pye 45)
Roger Webb - Go-Girls (Chappell LP)
Rodney Bewes - Hello Mother, Love Albert (Revolution 45)
Reginald Bosanquet - Dance With Me (Pye 45)
Judy Carne - Sock It To Me (Reprise 45)
Carlo Pes - Tough Guy (Pegaso LP) 
Alessandroni - Walk In The Rain (Conroy Euroeat LP)
Cesco Anselmo - Cabeleira (Spider LP)
Essjay - Twins Of Evil (DJM 45)
Maynard Ferguson - L-Dopa (CBS 45)
Scala Corona - Scala Corona (Magellan 45)
Farran/Vetter - Ballet Mechanique (KPM LP)
Roger Roger - High Voltage (Chappell LP)
R.Davy - Astral Puppet (Sylvester LP)
? - Martini, The Right One (Acetate 45)
Les Reed Piano - On The Scene (Piccadilly 45)
Pierre Arvay - El Caballero De La Noche (Teppaz 45)
Mike Vickers - Morgan (A Suitable Case For Treatment) (Columbia 45)
Barbara Windsor - Don't Dig Twiggy (Parlophone 45)
Boz - Carry On Screaming (Columbia 45)
Jim Dale - Twinky (Pye 45)
Flowers, Bennett et al - Evil Flower (Standard LP)
Lizards - Work City (Patchwork LP)
Electric Banana - Alexander (DeWolfe LP)
Stavely Makepeace - Slippery Rock '70s (Spark 45)
Andy Bown - Supersonic (GM 45)
Alvin Stardust - Be Smart, Be Safe (Magnet 45)
John Leach - Sun Ride (Chappell LP)
Lasry/Baschet - Manege (BAM LP)
Ronnie Hazlehurst & His Orchestra - The Two Ronnies (Polydor LP)
Jack Arel - Time Is Getting Short (Chappell LP)
Great Unknowns - Doo Bee Doo Bee Doo (Major Minor 45)
Gil Trythal - Yakety Moog (Athena LP)
Paul Dupont & His Orchestra - For Deborah (York 45)
John Mayer/Indo Jazz - Go Your Own Way Theme One (National 45)
Cipriani - Il Giardino Deli Angeli (CAM 45)
Rene Costy - NSS One (Chappell LP)
Claude Vasori - Tout Casser (Sylvester LP)


OST Underwater 23/10/2010
Walt Rockman – Underwater Volume 1 – Tracks 1 – 9
Misty The Magical Mermaid – Mike Sammes
Around The World Under The Sea (3 cues) - Harry Sukman
Fish Story – Any Loore
Sunken Tombs Of Truck Lagoon – Jez Woodroffe
Seascape – Dick Mills
The Whale – Paddy Kingsland
Fancy Fish – Peter Howell
Andrea Doria ’74 (2 cues) – Ortolans
Orca (2 cues) – Morricone
Sea Fantasy – (3 cues) – A. Sciascia
Green Water – Jack Dieval
Aquarium Geant – Nilovic
Inner Space (3 cues) – Sven Libaek
L’Antarctique (3 cues) - De Rouubaix
Little Girl Of The Sea - Vangelis


OST Halloween Show 30/10/2010
Macchi Solari - Morricone
Horrorscope – Ralph Lundston
I Want Blood – Scientist
Homage To Horror
Sahara – Michel Magne (from Tropical Fantasy)
Witches Brew – Janie Jones
Brain Eaters trailer
Parenthesis – Southern Library 7"
Carol Anne’s Theme from Poltergeist
Ciak Si Muore – Aldo Buonocore
Solamente Nero – Cipriani
Ill Wind – Clive Hicks (KPM)
Rampage from The Farmer – Hugo Montenegro
Anxiety – Polish Radio Orch
Ritual Murder – Chris Gunning
Nightmares Come At Night – Bruno Nicolai
Satanic – Ricardo Pregadio
Omocidio – Stephano Terrossi
The Lonely Killers – Salix Alba
- - - -
Les Frisson De Vampires (2 cues) - Acanthus
Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue – Sorgini
Devil Dance from Un Hombre Nell Hombre – Cipriani
Who Saw Her Die – Morricone
Clerembard – Vladimir Cosma
The Great Coupling – from Vampires (James Clark)
Dark Sunday – Arthur Smith
The Fog – John Carpeneter
Experiment In Terror – Mancini
Wait Until Dark – Mancini
Hatchet Shake from Hatchet For A Honeymoon
5 Dolls For An August Moon – Umiliani
Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange
Afro Spooky – Nino Nardini
Tenebrae - Goblin


80s OST Show
Kagemusha – 4 cues – Schinichiro Ikebe / Kurosawa
Moments In Love – Art OF Noise – Pumping Iron 2
Opening Theme from Black Stallion – Carmine Coppola
End Title – Emerald Forest – Brian Gascoigne
Devo – Bread And Butter 9 1/2 weeks
The City Never Sleeps – Eurythmics 9 1/2 weeks
Body Heat 2 cues inc I’m weak – John Barry
The Animals Film, Side 2 – Robert Wyatt
Dormitory - Blow Out – De Palma – Denaggio
Sally And Jack – Blow Out
Amerasia – Terry Allen, 2 cues 1987
Gangbusters – Chris Stein - Wildstyle instrumentals 1983
Upset Stomach – Stevie Wonder – Last Dragon 1985
The Terminator – Brad Fiedel 1984
Rudee Valle And His Conneticut Yankees – Let’s Put Out The Lights – Pennies From Heaven
Zingaro – Chet Baker – 1989 – Let’s Get Lost
Blame It On My Youth – Chet Baker, Let’s Get Lost
Mystery Train Suite –John Lurie 1989 / Tuesday Night In Memphis
Lounge Lizards – Downtown 81
Pablo Calogero – Downtown 81
Ramalzee Vs K Rob – Downtown 81
Stuart Copeland, rumblefish


Dog Day Afternoon – Special Radio Featurette (Warners)
Cops And Robbers OST – Legrand x 3 (Kritzerland)
Sexy Beast OST – Psychosis (Abel)
Catch Me If You Can OST x 2
Kelly’s Heroes OST x 2 (MGM)
Force Maker - Brian Eno from Heat
Point Break – Mark Isham x 2 (LA LA Land)
Take The Money And Run – Hamlisch
Caper Of The Golden Bulls Theme – Vic Mizzy (Private)
Once A Thief - Schifrin x 2 (Verve)
Caravan – Arthur Lyman from Ocean’s 11
A Man To Respect – Morricone x 2 – (CBS)
Ned Kelly x 2 (Waylon Jennings and Mick Jagger) ABC
Bonnie And Clyde Theme (Warners)
Bunny O’Hare – Billy Strange (Off To Mexico) (AIR)
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head by The Bully Boys Band (ABC)
Loot – Keith Mansfield (CBS)
They Came To Rob Las Vegas – Garvarantz (Phillips)
Caper Time - Quincy Jones / Pete King


Berlin OST 2010 notes
Industrial Epsionage Suite No 3, No 4, No 8 (Brull)
Sorrow Corner – Gert Wilden (Brull)
Snappy – Hans Posega (Brull)
Monotones – R Kovac (Brull)
Dali - R Kovac (Brull)
Hong Kong Flower (Brull)
Ritt Zumm Indiandorf – Martin Bottcher (Winnitou OST)
Love Me – Johnny Teupen (MPS)
Monster – Pete Thomas (Playgirl OST)
Ballad Vom Morgan – Pete Thomas (Playgirl OST)
Crazy Girl – from We’ll Remember Komeda (MPS)
Baby Music Box – Rolf Kuhn (Selected Sound)
Emily – Singers Unlimited (MPS)
Julie In Der Gewalt Heures – Bert Kaempfert - 90 Mins To Midnight (Polydor)
Forgotten Melody – Bert Kaempfert - 90 Mins To Midnight (Polydor)
Night Club – Johnny Teupen (Bosworth)
Femme Femme – Werner Muller Orchestra (Polydor)
Signals –Klauss Weiss (Selected Sound)
Time Signals – Klauss Weiss (Selected Sound)
Scopia – Klauss Weiss (Selected Sound)
Speed Fever – Marcello De Montillo (Selected Sound)
Birth Of A Saint – Roland Kovac (Selected Sound)
If I Was A Rich Bossa Nova Man – Uwe Buschkotter (Decca)
In A Hurry –Roland Kovac (Selected Sound)
Nymph – Roland Kovac (Selected Sound)
Computer – Roland Kovac (Selected Sound)


Gitter SHOW OST 23.07.11
Busy Boy
Tony Renis "Blu Gang" (Numero Uno LP)
Ennio Morricone "Fruscio Di Foglie Verdi" (Halidon LP)
Bar-Kays "Midnight Cowboy" (Stax 45)
Mint "Luv" (Tangerine 45)
Andrew Bown "Tarot" (Parlophone 45)
Gary Mann Orchestra "The Big Match" (Penny Farthing 45)
Don Harper's Homo Electronicus "World Of Sport" (Columbia 45)
Norrie Paramor & His Orchestra "Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)" (Polydor 45)
The Modern Ensemble "Aqualithes" (Sylvester LP)
Malcolm Lockyer Orchestra "The Intelligence Men" (Columbia 45) - thought I'd reprise this since I winced at bringing it in last time without a spider…
Reynold Weidemaar "Electronic Carnival" (Synchro-Fox LP)
Eric Siday "Electronics" (IRTS LP)
Valerie Singleton "Solomon's Centipede" (Pye 45)
"The Crunch" (Smiths Crisps Flexidisc)
Stelvio Cipriani "Happiness Is Having Two Killer Whales As Friends" (CAM LP)
Richard Demaria "Toro El Fuego" (Chappell LP)
Paddy Kingsland/BBC Radiophonic Workshop "The Changes" (BBC 45)
The Musketeers "Fight!" (Philips 45)
Henry Mancini "Theme From MASH" (RCA LP) - thank you!
The Now Generation "Mrs Robinson" (Mainstream LP)
Nino Nardini "Moon Baby" (Peer International LP)
Irmin Schmidt et al "In Calcutta" (Harmonic LP)
Tony Osborne Orchestra "Sale Of The Century" (Philips LP)
Telltale "Rainbow" (MFP LP)
Johnny Scott Orchestra "A Study In Terror" (Parlophone 45)
Sandie Shaw "Reviewing The Situation" (Pye LP)
Peter Nero "Windmills Of Your Mind" (Columbia LP)
David Cain "November" (BBC LP)
Hugo Montenegro "Lady In Cement" (RCA LP)
Tab Cola ad (IRTS LP)
Eddie Warner "Is It So?" (IM LP)
"Robin's Nest" (TV Sets Vol 3 CD…)
(Mallot) "Hypnodelic" (Brull/Harmonic LP)
Sir Bruce Forsyth "Life Is The Name Of The Game" (Philips 45)
Fenella Fielding "Big Bad Mouse" (Columbia 45)
Ken Woodman/Piccadilly Brass "Town Talk" (RPM CD)
Eddie Warner "Latin Pop" (IM LP)
Lucifer & Co "Amen" (Vogue 45)
Polish Radio Orchestra "Anxiety" (Apollo Sound LP)
Double Deckers "Get On Board" (Capitol LP)
(and "Hazienda" as background music from Chappell's "Kitsch Pop Vol.1" CD).


Fanderson Show Feb 13th 2010
Sleeping Astronauts
UFO Theme with 21st Century sting
Space 1999 Year One extended version
UFO – Shado variations On A Theme
Aqua Marina Extended
We’re All Aliens from "The Metamorph"
1999 Year Two – Wadsworth
White As Snow from Cpt Scarlet
Secret Service
Star Maidens - Berry Lipman
UFO – Driving home from "Ordeal"
Memories OF Green – Vangelis
Super Car
Mars Attacks – Danny Elfman
Hypnotic Sphere
Zero G
Let’s Slip Away - Dankworth
Modesty – Cal Tjader
Morgan – Mike Vickers
Night Owl
Tomorrows World


Francis Morgan Show OST 14.05.11
Mother Sky – Can
Om Sweet Om – Kraftwerk
Goldfinger - Magazine
Young Girls OF Rochefort - Antenna
Halloween – Secret Chiefs 3
Mulholland Drive – Badalamenti
Bruder Des Schattens – Popol Vuh
Im Garten Der Gemainschaft – Popol Vuh
Complaints Choir Birmingham
Stalker – Artimiev
Creation Of The World – Vangelis
The Beyond – Fabio Frizzi
Wicca Way – Third Ear Band
Tritram And Yseult – Christian Vander
Theme De Yoyo – Art Ensemble Of Chicago
Dews, from Nashville – Ronnie Blackley
Veruschka – Morricone


George Chisnall Show OST 28.05.11
L’Aventurra – Giovanni Fusco (8 cues)
L’Eclisse - Giovanni Fusco
Tre Notte D’Amore - Giovanni Fusco
Dulcinea - Giovanni Fusco
Storie Sulla Sabia - Giovanni Fusco
The Bootleggers (5 Sons Of Bitches) – Riz Ortolani 2 cues
Deserto Rosso - Giovanni Fusco (2 cues)
Gli Indiffirenti - Giovanni Fusco
Ransom For A Dead Man – Billy Goldenburg (10 cues)
Battle In Outer Space – Ifukube (3 cues)
War In Space – Tsushima (3 cues)
Blue Angels – Fred Myrow (2 cues)
Via Colliscio - Romitelli


GREG FOAT / OST 02.04.11
Abstractions OF The Industrial North – Basil Kirchin
Harpsichord Boogaloo – Greg Foat
Image – Brian Bennett
The Chess Game – Michel Legrand
F For Fake – Michel Legrand
Cousineau / Defresne – Sept Fois Par Jour
Lujon – Jack Wilson
Bargheera – Nino Nardini
Once – Gary McFarland
Il Corpo De Linda – Ortolani
The Sparrow – Sounds OF Tamil Cinema
Amalgam – Dudley Moore
Blue Bottle – Jack Berclay
Greg Foat – Yeah You Are
Crustacore – Egisto Macchi
Dark Is The Sun – Greg Foat
Photo In The Luna Park – Cipriani
Hello Old Friend – Greg Foat
Hurry Sundown – Free Design
The Fakir – lalo Schifrin
Hijack – Barry Miles
Sylvia – lalo Schifirn


John Barry Show OST 05.02.11
Midnight Cowboy – The Wilson Lewes Group
The Meeting – Deadfall OST
Billy, The Good Time Are Coming, Lolita – All from Play It Again
The Ballet, Sophia – Sophia Loren In Rome
Curiouser And Curiouser – Alice Adverntures In Wonderland
Man With The Golden Gun – 2 cues
Game Of Death - One cue
Over And Out – OHMSS OST
Twistin With James / Jamaican Jazz – Dr No OST
3 cues from Petulia OST
Follow Follow – B Side of the Adventurers
Two opening cues from The Lion In Winter OST
Mary Queen Of Scots – Opening Theme
This Way Mary from Play It Again
Raped! From The Knack OST
Mood 3 and Mood 4 from the Chappell Library John Barry LP
Switching The Body from Thunderball OST
Of A Year Unknown – Boom OST
I’m Weak – Body Heat OST
The Wedding - You Only Live Twice OST
The Children – Walkabout OST (Poo Records original version)
Joe Buck Rides Again - Midnight Cowboy OST


Fruity Flute – Reg Wale
Joyride – Alan Parker
On The Move – The Dooleys
Your Move – Crisp
Speak For Yourself – Roger Chapman
OU Theme – Salzedo – (Divertimento)
Do It The Safety Way- Max Bygraves
Be Safe Be Seen – Tyne And Wear Council
Carilou - Simon Park
Muffin Man – John Baker
Green Sereene – Paddy Kingsland
Blue Pastel – Vic Flick
Treadmill – Ronnie Hazlehurst
Heads And Tails – Derek Griffiths
Mind How You Go – Advisory Circle
Cha Cha Chat – Nino Nardini
Henry’s Cat – John Hyde
Black Cats – John Fiddy
Free Jazz - Bryan Daly
Goodbye Waltz – Gainsbourg
The Good Guys - Basil Kirchin
Jolly Farm – Nardini
Borgborgamus – JJ Perry
D D Denham – Now You Are Furtive
High Life – Tony Turens
Electrosonics 1 – Terperino
Moons OF Jupiter – Goldsheider
Eeary Feary – George Martin
Turning Point – Mike Vickers
Atol 4 – Roger Davy


LyntoneflexisOST Show
Tops Of The Pots (Jimmy Saville)
Express Milkman
Red Red Dress
Jac Berrocal – Marie Antoinette Is Not Dead
JAL – Japanese In 6 Mins
Disc-course On beauty
Danish Bacon
Readers Digest Preview
Barry Gibb Fan Club Disk
Go Your Own Way – National Petrol – John Mayer Indo Jazz
Cortina She’s Got It – Ivor Raymonde
Go Suzuki
MEB Switch It On
Jobs For A Chance – Ken Livingstone
Release Of Soviet Jewry
It’s A Dog’s Life – Winalot


Morricone OST Show
Life Is Tough, Eh Providence
Sister Sarah’s Theme
Ballad Of A Soldier (good bad ugly)
The Dead Sons – Fistful Of Dynamite
L’Indagine (Cam Library) Giallo 2
E Serreno L’Orizzonte – Cam 11 (romantic and pathetic)
Metti Una Sera a Cena – The Orchestra Remebers / Piccione / Julie Rodgers
The Burglars – 1971
Ma Non Troppo Erotico - The Burglars – 1971
Scandal Of Filly - When Women Had Tails
The Flirts – When Women Had Tails
Un Altro Mare – Vergogna Schifosi (Shame Nasty)
Tempo – Controfasse
Come Somersi – Controfasse
Musashi - La Sua Donna
Musashi - L’Aventurra Come Guerra
Le Trio Infernal – Le Premiere Danse Nuptiale (yuki)
La Faille (Weak Spot)
Malamondo – The Last Time
Malamondo – Main Theme
Malamondo – The First Time
Amapola 2nd Party – Once Upon A Time In America
Come Maddalena


New Year OST Show 08.01.12
Image – Brian Bennett
The Little Orphan – Neil Richardson
Paradise Island – David Gold
Forbidden Fruit - David Gold
The Enchantress - David Gold
Phenomena - David Gold
Clerambard – Vladimir Cosma
Let’s Put Out The Lights And Go To Sleep – Rudy Valee
Big Ship Sails – Corona Kids
Playing – Stanley Myers
Touching – Stanley Myers
Half And Half – Duet
Syncopation – Tom Dissivelt
Sometime Now – Ronnie Hazlehurst
Flip Flop – Ronnie Hazlehurst
Isn’t It Odd – Dick Hyman
Space Reflex – Dick Hyman
Bye Bye Blues – Dick Hyman
The Wandered - Eden Ahbez
Eden’s Island – Eden Ahbez
Summer Came – Shawn Phillips
Where Am I - Sarah Miles
Red Lady Two – George Harrison
Wonder Why – Joanne Gault
Grey Scale – David Cunningham
Wailing Waltz – Ranny Sinclair
Man With Icy Eyes – I Marc 4
Everybody’s Talking – Templeton Twins
Sunbeam – Kenny Graham
And The Angels Sing – Vi Velasco
Evion Chaves – Pygmalio 70
Umas And Outras – Pygmalio 70
Yo So Yabacua – Willie Rosario


OST Show – 04.02.12
Fiona Staniland – Morricone In Love
Veruschka – Morricone
Where Do I Begin – Shirley Bassey
The Dolls House – John Barry
Love Birds – Bruno Nicolai
Maladonna – Vladimir Cosma
Samba Saravah / Aujourd’hui C’est Toi from A Man And A Woman
Psycho Meeting - Bruno Nicolai
No No Yes Yes Gainsbourg
Anna OST – Gainsbourg
Poor White Hound Dog – Merry Clayton
Man With Icy Eyes – I Marc 4
Susan Theme – Patucchi
Sicilian Clan – Morricone
Forbidden Photographs – Morricone
Mette Una Sera A Cena – Morricone In Love sung Live
Mette Una Sera A Cena – Piccione version
Cat O Nine Tails - Morricone In Love sung Live
Segita – Cold Eyes OF Fear


Cinema of Iran AKA Persian Cinema
Lunatic – Ahmad Pejman
From Weeping Willow
The Visit
The Look
Weeping Willow
Mohammed Reza Aligholi
Under The Moonlight
Here A Shining Light
So Close So far
Song Of Sparrows
Hossein Alizadeh
Peyman Yazdanian
Deserted Station
Bright Nights – Piano started
Wind Carpet
Excerpts from Crossings by Peyman Yazdanian
Look At The Sky Sometimes
Wednesday Fireworks
The Little Bird Freak
All music issued by


OST Show New Year Jan 02
The Electrician – The Walker Bros from Bronson OST
Animetrain - Tarwater, from Donne Moi La Main
The Blacktop - Tarwater, from Donne Moi La Main
Des Garcons Et Des Filles OST – Errol Parker
Title – Teesri Mansil – RD Burman
Detective McClane Please! - Pino Donnagio / Body Double OST
Machinery – Klaus Weiss
Instant Breakfast – Eric Siday
1.21 Jigowatts – Alan Silvestri / Back To The Future OST
Mating Dance For Prairie Garter Snakes – Edward Williams / Life On Earth OST
Caccia All ‘Uomo – S. Torrossi / Omicidio OST
Prelude No 7 in E Flat – Swingle Singers from Milk OST
Genova – Charles `Atlas / Up In The Air OST
Welcome To Lunar Industries – Clint Mansell / Moon OST
Dark Sunday – Arthur Smith
Three Cues From Tokyo Sonata OST
Donald – Roger Roger
The Invisible Enemy (2 cues) – From Stingray OST
The Informant – Marvin Hamlisch
Cops And Robbers – Michel Legrand
Five Man Army – Morricone
Voodoo – Tubby Hayes
Jumbo Suite - Mario Molino
Underwater Fantasy – Armando Sciascia
Shaped For Living – Tristram Cary
Confronting Hayden – Dan Fiebiger / The Courier OF Death OST
Pygmalion 70 OST – Umos Et Utros
Funny Rock – Eddie Hirst / Studio G
Inspector Clouseau – Ken Thorne
Horse Of Demerera – Burl Ives
Mambo Bacan – Sofia Loren
Kamerasong – Rosy Rosy / Agilok & Blubbo OST
Zwischen Den Bauman - Inner Space / Agilok & Blubbo OST
Magnolia – Yan D’Is
Let’s Slip Away – Cleo Laine
Irene Et Marco - Demy / Legrand
Treno Di Notte – Umiliani / Una Bella Grinta OST
Open The Window And See All The Clowns – Rock Hudson
The Cabin – Rubinstein / McIntire / Jeremiah Johnson OST


OST Show – 05.05.12 Ten years Of Resonance
Pure Imagination – Gene Wilder – Willy Wonka
Tre Colpi De Winchester – Armando SiaScia
A Season In hell – Maurice Jarre
Sleeping Astronaughts – Barry Gray
Plonges De Glace – Francois De Roubaix
3 Days OF The Condor – Dave Grusin
Sun Ride – John Leach
Blinkety Blank – Norman McLaren
Miniature Plastic Bomb Shop – Jodorowsky – Holy Mountain
Che Cosa Che –
Rumbly In My Tumbly – Sterling Holloway – Winnie The Pooh
The Pornbroker – Quincy Jones
Titiana – Chaplin
Ballet For A Dolphin – Harry Sukman – Around The World Under The Sea
The Potter’s Wheel – Phillips / Cant – Camberwick Green
Solace – Marvin Hamlisch – The Sting
Rain Ride 1 & 2 – A Sea For Yourself
Ask Yourself Why – Legrand
Moon River – from Bad Eductaion
Lamento – Gaslini – Revelations Of A Sex Maniac
He Needs Me – Shelly Duval – Popeye
Tara’s Theme – Mancini - Touch Of Evil
Elvis & Ann Margret – You’re the Boss – Viva Las Vegas
Open Air Parade - Alessandroni
The Intelligence Men – Lockyer
The Shock (Reprise) - Libra
Australia And All That Jazz (possum) – John Sangster
Timex – Mike Sammes
Inchworm – Danny Kaye
The Conversation –David Shire
Entrave – Gainsbourg
Maurament Sur Le Pont – Wings Of Desire
Love Them From Spartacus – Yusef Lateef
Trio In The Round – Alden Shuman from Devil In Miss Jones
The Ticking Clock – The Chromatics


OST Show – 11.02.12 DJ Food
Blush Response – Bladerunner
Black Sun – Barry Gray
Music For Robots – Forest J Ackerman
Killer Robot – Moggi
Rise Robot Rise – Milton Delugg
Mechanical Man – Bent Bolt And The Nuts
Re Entry – Les Baxter
Moonbound – Casuals On The Square
The Conversation – Electric Moog Orchestra
Close Encounters – John Cameron
Space Agent – Johnny Keating
Chariot Of The Gods – Pete Thomas
Barbarella Sequence – Bob Crewe
Twinkle Twinkle Little Earth – Leonard Nimoy
All Covered In Darkness – Dj Food
Shadows OF Time - Moonbug OST
The Venture Brothers – J G Thirlwell
Planet OF The Apes Suite – Goldsmith
Main Tiles – Planet OF The Apes - Danny Elfman
Love Shop – Goldsmith


OST Show – 14.01.12 The Artist
The Artist OST – 3 cues
The Trolley Song – The Pied Pipers
Jeepers Creepers – Louis Armstrong
Accentuate The Positive – Johnny Mercer
Lady In The Radiator Song – Eraserhead OST
Séance On A Wet Afternoon – John Barry
Gli Archangeli OST – 2 Cues
Tin Drum – Maurice Jarre
The Lost Weekend – Miklos Rozsa
Tomb Of The Cybermen OST
Rose Rose I Love You – Frankie Laine
Paper Moon – Paul Whiteman
Jingle Jangle Jingle – Forest Rangers
It’s Love Love Love – Stars On parade
Crawfish – Elvis
Eye OF The Devil OST
How Is The Weather In Paris
Faces OST
Thinking Of Baby – Staccato OST
Georgie Girl OST
Oh So Quite – Betty Hutton
Buffalo 66 - Vincent Gallo
Small Back Room – Brian Easdale


OST Show – 15.10.11 Justin Harries
The Cynic, The Rat And The Fist – Micalizzi Klangfarben – Schoenburg
He And She – Morricone
Hommage To Scelsi – The Gruppo
Pranam 2 – Scelsi
Momento from Dimentichi
No Idea of the film (according to James) but Asha Pulthi was singing
A cue from pornography by Edwish Fenech
A cue from Vampyres – James Clarke
Deathline OST – Will Malone
Scream And Scream Again – Amen Corner
Luxiternia by Ligetti
The Paralax View – David Shire
Three Places In New England – Charles Ives
Stepford Wives Theme –Michael Small
Cold Eyes OF Fear – Morricone
A Pierre, Dell ‘ Azzurro Silenzio, Inquietum – Luigi Nono
Forbidden Photos OF A Woman Above Suspicion - Morricone
Come Maddalena – sung by Mina


OST Show 19th May 2012 - Nuns
Do Re Me – The Whistling Nun
My Favourite Things – The Whistling Nun
Lonely Goatherd – The Whistling Nun
Black Narcissus, Prologue
Black Narcissus, Brian Easdale
To The Devil A Daughter – Paul Glass
The Satanic Rights Of Dracula – John Cacavas
Bionic Woman – Sister Jamie
Christs For Sale - Jodorwosky
Violence Of The Lambs - Jodorwosky
La Monchine – Morricone
Airplane sequence
Change of Habit / Have a Happy
The Amityville Horror – 2 cues
The Nun’s Story – Waxman – 2 cues
The Runner Stumbles – Ernest Gold
Flavia La Monaca Musulmana – Nocola Piovani
Trouble With Angels (Vocal By The Devils)
Two Mules For Sister Sarah (2 cues)
Noi Donne Siamo Fatte Cosi (Trovaioli) / Sister Kathleen
Kinky Peanuts from Sessomatto
Leaping Nun’s Chorus from Bedazzled


OST Show – 22.10.11 Richard from Sheffield
Chemical Computer – BBC SFX disk
Bill Oddie – The Clown Virus
The Stirrings in Sheffield on Saturday Night (Original Show LP)
The Naked Bunyip OST
Coming And Going – Quincy Jones / Ray Brown Orch
Archives GRM – L’alcool Thé by Caroline Clare
Very Contrary Mary – Dennis Farnon
Finger Of Fear – F. Bayco (KPM)
Cartoon Time – Artus / Hawksworth (de Wolfe)
Surly – Roger Limb
Rocking Nice – C Douray (library)
The Body – Ron Geesin
Itty Bitty Pottamus – Kenneth Williams
Marty Feldman – I Love The Back Of Your Neck
Pitti Pitti Pas – De Roubaix
Bedazzled – Peter Cook
My Name Is Nobody – Morricone
Qualsiasi (Vatican Story) – Bacalov
Psychedelic Concert – Ferrio
Bill Oddie – Sing Us A Song
Dan Pemberton – Back To School
Dracula AD 72 – Mike Vickers
Getaway Car – Mike Vickers (KPM)
Underlying Expectancy – Cameron (KPM)
Early Bird – Edward White (Chappell)
Roto Lock – Daphne Oram
Love Theme Instrumental – Manfred man (Up The Junction OST)
Hors Phase – Johanna Group (Chappell)


OST Show – 25.02.12 Shawn Lee and A.M.
The Life To Come – Gianni Saffred
Playground Love – Air
Spacial Disco – Spacial And Co
Il Corpo – Umiliani
More Titles - Douglas Wood
T Stands For Trouble – Marvin Gaye
Technologica - Farloco
The Hills Have Eyes - Don Peak
Love Theme – Clay Pitts Orchestra
High Tension – Tommassi
Taking Of Pelham 123 – David Shire
Day By Day – Schifrin
Down The Line – Shawn Lee and A.M.
Alberti L’uomo Nero – Micalizzi
Solomente Nero – Cipriani
Barbrarella Sequence – Charles Fox
Prey – Ivor Slaney
Hard Times (Il Corpo) – Umiliani
Dimo Strazione – Patucchi
Ebony Tower – Michale Coliccio
Psychomania – John Cameron
Sven Libaek – Music For Eels
Air – Love 2


OST Show 24th Sept 2011
Tomorrow Media LP
Shake Of The Chains – Stu Phillips – Angles From Hell OST
Circle – Bruno Nicolai – De Sade OST
Tafe Dabouboulo – Joe Moutet – Like A Pot OF Strawberry’s
Tropical – I Gres
Max Et Les Feraiiles – Sarde
All I need – Perversion Story – Gaslini
Meccanicho – Allessandroni
Girl With A Gun – Peppino De Luca
Pearls – Piccione – Camille 2000 OST
Man With ICY Eyes – Peppino De Luca
Brutes And Savages – Ortolani
Come Back Rhythm – Emmanuelle Perche Violenca OSt
Code OF Oriental Love – Kamasutra
Duck A L’orange – Tovajoli
Never Felt Like This Before – Casavetes – Faces OST
Guns OF navarone – Skatalites
You’re Hip Miss Pastrofield – Fred Karlin - Up The Down Staircase OST
Kyoto Merry Go Round – William Holden
Please Maestro – Koko Media
Bionic Coconuts – Bruton
Jumba – Jacky Giordano – Timing Library
Monkey Farm – Mancini
Elephant Rides Again – Howard Blake
Beryl’s Tune – Martelli
Interrupted – Torrossi
Ill Wind – Clive Hicks
Icarus – America Giovanni
Encoded Instructions – Nardini


OST Show 08.10.11 Vladimir Cosma
1) four cues from Diva
2) Black Flowers, Ultra Pop Op, Cool Pool from Ultra Pop Op,
3) Pebbles And Bubbles from Vite Et Dous
4) Petit Bimbo, Popcorn, Meconominette, from Enfance
5) La Terre, La Ciel At L’eau by the Jumping Jaques (AKA Where Is The Sumertime)
6) Alexander: Where IS The Summertime, The Dog, Where Is the Summertime (Vocal)
7) Babouchka, Bela’s Blues, Bossa Des Teurs, Christine, Doina, all from Le Grand Blond Avec Une Chaussure Noire, and Le Retour Du Grand Blonde
8) Espionnissima, La Femme Revee, from The Grande Blonde
9) 5 cues from Rabbi Jacob, L"Aile Ou La Cuisse and La Zizane
10) Three further cues from La Zizane
11) 4 cues from The film sof Pascal Thomas: Le Chaud Lapin, Les Zozos, La Surprise Du Chef, Confidences Pour Confidences
12) Promenade Sentimental


OST Show 17.12.11 Review of 2011
My Favourite Things - Paul Smith Quartet
Chilly Winds, Ckeck Your Queen, Is He Gone – all from Pretty Maids All In A Row
If You Die You Die and Day One by Teho Teadro
La Grand Marc and Le Le Calechmar Electronic - From Apres Ski
Fear – Matthew Herbert
Dans Le Bois – Sonic Youth
Let Them Die Slowly excerpt
Down Here on The Ground - Marlene Ver Plank
Pastures Of Plenty –Morricone
Che Cosa Che – Ornalla Venoni
Image – Brian Bennett
Scrabble – Rene Costy
Blue Angels – Fred Myrow
Play That Beat Mr Raja – 2 cues played
Encoded Instructions, What’s New from IM 14
Bionic Coconuts – Bruton
Three Cues from The Man With X Ray Eyes
Way OF The Morris X 2 cues
Afro Beat – Nino Nardini
Brutes And Savages Overture – Riz Ortolani
Please Maestro – Thierry Durbet
I Can’t be Helped –Georges Delerue
Very Contrary Mary – Marni Nixon / Dennis Farnon
Gulliver’s Theme – Rick Jones
The Great Brain – Jimmy Osmond


OST Show 19.11.11 Guest – Alan McKinnon
Lawrence OF Arabia - Fred Stone
Hop II – Jan Johansson
Summertime – Juan Amalberts
Who Will Buy – Jon Lucien
Jazz Convention II – Orquiedeas – Gary McFarland / Francy Boland
The Sound Of Silence – Carmen McRae
Charlie’s Theme – Jimmy Bently
Rustats Grave Song – Michael Garrick (RIP)
The Cat (Live Version) – Schifrin
Hawaii 5-0 – The Dave Shaw 10
Dr Who Theme - Smerins Anti Social Club
Speaking OF Happiness –Gloria Lynn
Gluttony – Georg Reidl
Tropical Scene – Johnny Teupen
Batman Boogaloo – Bobby Valentin
Sanke Hip – Takeshi Inomata


OST Bruton / Pickle Show 13.12.10
Mr Big
Hip Joint
Waiting (all Brian Bennett from Drama Montage 2)
Ziplaong – John Cacavas
Cathedral Kazoo – John Cacavas
Jazzomanic – Jack Dieval
Dust Off
Am See
Trauriga Zita
Das Ende (all Mobius from Blue Moon)
The Connection – Lee Mason
White Fire – Mark Duval
Scrabble – Rene Costy
Shady Blues – Lee Mason
Bulles De Savon – Rene Costy
Save Up
Nez Au Vent – Chappell Symphony Orchestra
Cosmic Sounds Number 1 – Georges Teperino
Three cues from the The Organisation


OST Bruton Show 06.12.10
Earthy – Dee / Martin BRH 2
Funko – Dee / Martin
Questions – Johnny Scott BRM 1
Pendulum 1 – Steve Gray
Achievements Of Man – Monkman BRI 4
Treble Visions – Kinetics BRI 8
Visionary – Kinetics
Triumph – Alan Hawkshaw BRI 6
Kinetic Research – Trevor Bastow BRI 8
Synchronos – Steve Gray BRI 1
Moving Tension – Frank Ricotti
Frivolity – Andrew Jackman BRE 2
Vibes Jig – Jim Lawless
At Play – Jim Lawless
Small – Steve Gray
Picture Book – John Cameron
Castles In The Air – Paul Martin
5 cues from Wildlife – Basil Kirchin BRJ 12
6 Cues From Drama Montage – Brian Bennett BRJ 8
Aggressive Energy – Johnny Pearson BRN 8
Peak Performance – Zack Lawrence
Watersports – Keith Roberts BRG 23
Supersights – Brian Dee / Irving Martin BRG 7
Disco Hustle – Brian Dee / Irving Martin
Wind Up – Brian Dee / Irving Martin
Bionic Coconuts – Brian Dee / Irving Martin
Tomb Of Mausolos – Alan Hawkshaw
Bikini – Frank Ricotti BRG 19
Lipstick – Trevor Bastow
Racing – Chris Gunning BRK 4
Tomorrow’s Pleasure – Jeff Bastow BRI 21


OST Show 18.06.16 Crime Jazz
Crime In The Streets – Franz Waxman (Theme, Variations)
Staccato – Bernstein
Private Hell 36 – Leith Stevens
Shelley Manne Plays Checkmate
Anatomy OF A Murder –Duke Ellington (3 cues)
Johnny Cool – Billy M
The Wild One – Leith Stevens


OST Ian from Go! Team Show 10th Sept
Taking Of Pelham 123 – Shire
Lift Off – Sven Libaek
Night Of The Hunter – Excerpt
Take Another Look – Paddy Kingsland
We’re 5 intrelude from Sesame Street
See Saw OF Dreams – Libby Morris
Picadilly Pickle – Portia Nelson
Spiro – A Valotti
Sholay OST – Title – RD Burman
Eternal Sunshine – Jon Brion
Ugo Busoni – Suddenly
Phone Call – Jon Brion
Pretty Song – 13th Floor Elevators from Psyche Out OST
Shalimar OST – Title – RD Burman
Questo Sporco Mondo Mavaglioso OST – Umiliani
Rhythmic Movement – Umiliani
Cicolo Chiusa – Kimball
Spray COloured Gallsses from Follow Me OST – Dino Desi and Billy
Fish Interlude – Sesame Street
Sunset – Stravos Xahakos


OST Komeda
Le Depart all 5 cues
Knife In the Water – live, Polish Jazz Club LP
Klatki - Polish Jazz Club LP
Wicker Basket - Polish Jazz Club LP
Magic Lantern - Polish Jazz Club LP
Ballet Etudes
Jutro Premiera – 3 cues
Kraksa – 3 cues
Wyrok – 5 Cues
Cul De Sac Polydor ep, Side One


OST Show 11.06.16 Legrand
Umbrellas Of Cherbourg – Jazz Hip Trio
What Are You Doing The Rest OF Your Life – The Silhouettes
Go Between –Themes And Variations
Picasso Summer –Themes And Variations
Breezy – Breezy’s Song
Breezy – Rockin’ Chair
Delaney’s Arrival And Memories – Le Mans
The Satellite Falls – Ice Station Zebra
Adam And Eve – Michel Legrand Sings
Watch What Happens (Cherbourg) – Karin Krog
Polly Magoo – Cabine De Mannequins
Jazz Theme from Play Dirty
The Savage – Maraciabo
Toi Qui Passe – Michel Legrand Chante
Theme Principal from La Piscine
Un Homme Et Mort
Blues Pour Romy (La Piscine)
La Belle Putain (from Cleo De Cinq Et Sept)
Un Peau De Soleil Dans L’Eau Froid
On The Road
Mi Sol Mi Mi Re Mi – Legrand
Le Moulin De Mon Coeur


OST Show Morricone Pop 20th Aug 2011
La Dedico – Alida Chelli
Perdonno – Catherine Spaak
Torneria - Ferruccio Taglaivini
Mamma - Ferruccio Taglaivini
Exodus – Nico Fidenco
Perdonno - Gino Paolli
Nun E Peccato - Helen Merrill
S’E Fatto Tardi - Helen Merrill
Estate - Helen Merrill
Nessuno Al Mondo - Helen Merrill
Milord – Isabella Fideli
Una A Te Una A Me – Isabela Fideli
Il Poeta Pianse – Jimmy Fontana
Piano Piano – Jimmy Fontana
Maraviglioso Momento – Miranda Martino
Paura – Miranda Martino
Trust Me – Nico Fidenco
Una Fra Mille – Teddy Reno
Lungo Treno Del Sud – Tony Del Monaco
Quando Vedrette – Donatella Moretti
Anche Se – Gino Paoli
Che Cose C’e – Gino Paoli (played twice)
Sapore De Sale – Gino Paoli
Santa Lucia – Mario Lanza
Meglio Strasere - Miranda Martino
Pastures OF Plenty – Pete Tevis
Che Cose C’e – Ornalla Vanoni


OST Show 04.06.11
Bola Sette – Days Of Wine And Roses
Monica – Francis Lai
Cutty Sark – John Barry
Bright Blue Note – Francis Coppetiers (KPM)
Down Here On The Ground - Marlene Ver Plank
Bossa Limbo – Christiane Sorrell (Timing)
Make Me Rainbows – Mark Murphy
Corelia – Benoit Kaufmann (Timing)
Three Cues by Tosiro Mayuzumi
Canta De Ossana – Tamba 4
Mediterranean Intrigue – Neil Ardley (KPM)
Porgy And Bess Medley – Don Burrows 6
Waltz in 16mm - Sergio Mihanovich
Atlas – Robin Jones (Apollo Sound)
Three cues from Selva De Petra – Marcus Valle
Primavera – Alessandroni (SR)
More –Gary McFarland
Jet Rock – Fred Myrow
Che Che Cole – Willie Colon
My Favourite Things – Karin Krog


OST Show Sat 23 April
Sun Ride – John Leech
Clearasil – Flexi disk
Number 1 Theme – The Shakespears
Cliff Adams ’68 (5 cues)
Hoover Keymatic (Barry Gray)
Joan Gray’s Shop (Barry Gray)
Hoover Keymatic (Barry Gray)
Short Musical Extract (Barry Gray)
Bruce Brown’s Jingle Worshop Volume 7 – Side One
Kenitex (Barry Gray)
Lanry Household Bleach (Barry Gray)
Sunsilk x 2 (Barry Gray)
Gilette (Barry Gray)
Punjana tea (Barry Gray)
Radio Plays The Plaza – Various – Side 1
Delibes – Pizzi From Sylvia
Gymnopodies 1 – Herrmann
Dance Of The Murlitons
Herb Pilhofer – Music That Works
Yasvaki Shimuzu – Music For Commercials
Chris Gunning – Advert disk


OST Show - Guest Andrew Male Show - 24.01.09
Cool Hand Luke OST - Schifrin
Ramba Ho Ho By Usha Uthup from Ahman OST
Yegele Tezita by Mulatu from Broken Flowers OST
Radio Spot from the Swinging Barmaids OST
Music from Copa Cuties - OST
Fred Astaire - New Sun In The Sky from The Band Wagon OST
The Odd Couple - You're So Vain (Spoken Word from soundtrack)
Tomorrow Never Knows by Junior Parker from Children Of Men OST
Yaphet Kotto sings Have You Dug His Scene
Sequence from Young At Heart OST
This Town - Sinatra from Oceans 13 OST
I Cannibali OST - Don Powell
Bargain With The Devil - F Mizicalli
Shango OST - Bruno Nicolai
London At Dawn - Elizabeth Taylor / John Barry
Eroticon by Rusticelli from Satyricon OST
Bobby Vincent - Mr Lonely from Mister Lonely OST
Boom OST by John Barry
Maria from Trafic OST by Charles Dumont
The Calling / Main Title From Martin OST by Donald Rubenstein
Lurch sung by Ted Cassidy
Bermondsey - Dick Emery


OST Show - Guest Shawn Lee - 28.11.09
Bionic Woman Theme - Joe Harnell
Jamie V Bigfoot - Joe Harnell
KPM 1087 Plus 1088 (new library cue) Shawn Lee Mix
News background - Sammy Burdson
All You Need - Stark Reality from Hoagy Carmichaels Music Shop OST
Vampyres Walk - From Vampyres Of Dartmoor
Cricketer OST from Safi Hasson
Sitting Target OST - Stanley Myers
Nutron 3 - (Library cue) by Klaus Weiss
Moon Nightclub - Douglas Wood (library cue)
Haule haule - New Bollywood cover version by Shawn Lee
Main Them Two - from Trouble Man OST - Marvin Gaye
Afro Surf from Under The Sun OST - Shawn Lee
Dernier Dommicle Connue OST - De Roubaix
Space Walk - New library cue by Shawn Lee for Pedigree Cuts library
Ionic Scrabble - Claude Vasori (PSI Library)
Sandy Beach - Johnny Hawksworth (de Wolfe library)
Solar Flares - Sven Libaek (Peer Library)
Dawn Mists - Barrie Forgie (Peer Library)
Here's To You Miss Phillips from Bully OST by Shawn Lee
Female Animal OST - Clay Pitts


OST Show - Guest Garth Merenghi - 18.04.09
The Garth Merenghi Theme
Dracula AD 72 by MIke Vickers
Dark Shadows OST - Robert Cobert
Edwina's Theme from Theatre Of Blood OST - Michael Lewis
Mystery Movie Theme - Henry Mancini
Blazing Magnum OST - Armando Trovajoli
Streets Of San Francisco - Henry Mancini
Canon OST - Johnny Gregory Orchestra
Who Dares Wins - Roy Budd
McVicar OST - Roger Daltry
It's A Long Road from First Blood OST - Jerry Goldsmith
Hanged Man OST - Alan Tew
Tubular Bells - cover by Geoff Love
Hawk The Slayer OST - Harry Robertson
Witchfinder General OST - Paul Ferris
The Searchers OST - Max Steiner
Wringle Wrangle - Stan Jones - Disney
Face To Face - Morricone


OST Show - The Jodorowsky Special - 26.09. 09
All music from Jodorowsky movies
Holy Mountain OST: Don Cherry, Ron Franjipane, Jodorowsky
Trance Mountain
Drunk And Passed Out
Violence Of The Lambs
Eye OF The Beholder
Tarot Will Teach You
Isla (The Saphhic Sleep)
El Topo OST: Music by Jodorowsky
Burial OF The First Toy
Under The Earth
The Pigs Monastery
Death Is Birth
Vals Fantasma
Paul Horn Plays El Topo
Shades Of Joy: The Desert Is A Circle from El Topo
Dune OST (Toto / Brian Eno)
PaulTakes The Water Of LIfe
The Floating Fat Man
Prophesy Theme
Santa Sangre OST (Simon Boswell)
Fin Del Mundo
Holy Guitar


OST Show - Guest Wayne Hemmingway - 25.04.09
Superfly OST
Come Back Rhythm - Emanuelle Nera OST
Safari Samba - Emanuelle Nera OST
Jaws Theme - Version by Lalo Schifrin
Charlie Snowgarden from Confessions of a Pop Performer OST
Cues from Thank God Its Friday
MFSB / TSOP from Carlitos Way
Gloria Gaynor - Love IS Just A Hearbeat Away from Noctruna OST
Bitten By The Love Bug - Heaven N Hell - Nocturn OST
Blind Man Can't A See It - James Brown from Slaughter OST
Jump from Sparkle OST - Aretha Franklin
Ho Incontrato OST from Berto Pisano
Reprot To The Commissioner from Hit 'Em hard OST
Sportin' Life from Black Ceasar OST
Toot Your Flute - Disco 9000 OST
I Need Your Love fro Hit 'Em Hard OST


OST Show - Guest Joe Davis - 10.10.09
Stavotte Cane Ogni Notte OST - Milton Nascimento
Lillia OST - Milton Nascimanto
Tosta A Fera De Ouro OST - Milton Nascimento
Melo Do Cuta OST - Azymuth
Zomby OST - Azymuth
Danca Da Chuva OST - VIncent De Paula
Shaft cover version by Bandiera 2
God And The Devil OST - Sergio Ricardo
O Nosso Amor from Black Orpheus OST
A Felicidade from Black Orpheus OST
Ritual OST - Selva De Pedra
Hungarian Jungle Music from Not With My Wife by Johnny Williams
Spaceport from Toomorrow OST by Hugo Montenegro
Snake Hip OST by Terumasa Hino
Le Mans - cover version by Rene Clare
Brazil 2000 OST - Various
O Fabuloao Fitipaldi OST by Azymuth
Tempo De Viva OST - Umas Et Utras
Pygmalion 70- OST - Erion Chaves


Half Year OST
Vivre La Nuit – 3 Cues
La Pasha – Gainsbourg
Colours Of Funk (3 cues) – Library
Body Double (2 cues) – New extended release on Intarda
Lights, Camera Doowop – Various
Tokyo Sonata – Kasumata Hashimoto
Let’s Slip Away – New Dankworth Comp on Eclipse
Dr Kildare –Opening tehem –Goldsmith (FSM)
Laure (2 Cues) –Mizicalli
Hardcore (2 Cues) – James Clarke
Courier Of Death (3 cues) - Fieberger
Give Me Your hand – Tarwater from Donne Moi Le Main
Odd Nosdam – TIME OST
Glad gadabout – Johnny Scott
A Fuegey Day both from Girl On The Testcard


Tracklist for OST - Xmas Day 2009
"Snow Show"
6 Cues from L’Antartique De Roubaix
3 Cues From Jeremiah Johnson
Pierre Dutour – Picture OF Winter (Chappell)
Medley from the Burl Ives Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer
3 Cues From 13 Days In France
Eternity – The Thing
3 Cues from The Big Silence
Il Conformista
2 Cues from Last Snows OF Springtime
Snow – Irvin Berlin’s White Xmas
Snow Frolic
Fargo – Frances McDormand
Horror Express –John Cacavas
Antarctica – Vangelis


05 Sept OST Show - Pestival
The Sting
Rumbly In My Tumbly - Sterling Holloway (OST Winnie The Pooh)
Multiply By 4 - Jiminy Cricket
Flee Reckers - Isle Of Capri (OST Telstar)
Invasion Of The Locusts - Kenyon Hopkins
Bobby Darin - Talk To The Animals
Carl Stalin - Drunken La Cucuracha
Bossa Nova Pointing - Jiminy Cricket
Three tracks from Jimmy Smith's Metamorphoses of Cloportes
Human Fly - Lalo Schifrin
Beetle And The Fly - Julie Stevens
Butterflys Are Free - Kea Dullea
Edward Williams - Music From LIfe On Earth
Claire Torry - Butterflies
Ladybird / Ants - Derek Griffiths
The Gypsy Moths - Elmer Bernstein
Spiderman - The Spanish Version
The Roach - Gene And Wendell (From Hairspray)
Queen Bee - Barbara Streisand


OST SHOW - Halloween 09
Michel Magne - Sahara
Tendre Dracula - Karl Heinz Shafer
Play The Devil - Peter Cushing
Unexpected Violence - Bird With the Crystal Plumage -Morricone
Dr Frankenstein - Goblin
Death Knocks Twice - Umiliani
Infiltration - Denny Zeitlin
Macchi Solari - Morricone
The Fall - Goldsmith - The Omen
Carol Anne's Theme - Poltergeist - Goldsmith
Necronomicon - Baxter - Dunwich Horror
Un 'ombre N'ell Ombre - Cipriani (2 cues)
The Body Of Linda - Ortolani
Tubby Hayes - Voodoo
Wolf Creek - The Shed - Tetaz
Dracula - Claudio GIzzi
First Advance - Night Of The Living Dead
Opening Cue - Zombie
The Living Dead VOices - Zombie
Dark Sunday


OST SHOW Neil Hefti Tribute
You Are Special - Last Of The Secret Agents
Girl Talk - Julie London
Sex And The Single Girl (most of side one)
How To Murder Your Wife (About 6 tracks)
Dual At Diabolo (About three tracks)
Oh Dad Poor Dad (About three tracks)
Synanon (About three tracks)
The Odd Couple - again about thrre tracks
Lord Love A Duck
Barefoot in The Park


OST SHOW – Pete Fowler Monsterism Library Show
Tracks 1 - 10 all came from "A Psychedelic Guide To Monsterism Island, issued by Lo Recordings.
11) Beryls Tune (Il Dio Serpente OST) - A. Martinelli
12) Baronetti (The Lovers Of Paynet OST) - Morricone
13) Il Fantasma OST by Richi And Poveri
14) Les Amis OST - F De Roubaix
15) Promenade (Bilitis OST) - F Lai
16) Visions Of 2000AD 4 from G Spots, Trunk Records
17) A song in Japanese by Ken Takakura
18) Opening cue from Juliet of the Spirits OST -Nina Rota
19) Al And Alice from Hells Angels '69 OST
20) Me And MY Arrow - Nillson from The Point OST
21) Cheese And Onion by The Rutles
22) and 23) two more cues from "A Psychedelic Guide To Monsterism Island, issued by Lo Recordings.


OST SHOW Natural Yoghurt Band
Nat Yog Band - Voodoo
Gianni Mazza - Swimming Pool
Allessandroni - Moto Sincro
That track from Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys
Bare Necessities - Jungle Book
S. Hazarasingh - Roop Terra Mastana
Tullio De Piscipo - Afro Cubanao
Can - Soul Desert
Francis Coppetiers - Funky Chimes
Remigio Ducros - Scherzi Pazanti
Jack Nitsche - Getaway (from Performance)
Oscar Lindok - Ustica
Badly Drawn Boy - S.P.A.T (ABout A Boy OST)
Bill Conti - Reflections (Rocky 3)
Pete Moore - For What It's Worth
Nat Yog Band - Weak Without Wine
GIanni Mazza - Le Gang
Galt MacDermot - Cotton Comes To Harlem
G Sorgini - To Rebound
Then a Quincy Jones track I didn't write down


OST SHOW Jim Jupp Ghost Box Show
Remember Tomorrow - Belbury Poly (Ghostbox)
The Great Egg Race - Denton / Cook (BBC)
Belle Montagne - F De Roubaix (Universal Fr)
Children OF The Stones (DVD rip)
Mainstream - Peter Howell (Radiophonic)
Cosmic Blues - F Azeleus (Studio G)
Cosmos - Fred Judd (Castle)
Glad Gadabout - Johnny Scott (KPM)
In Dem Kosmos
Tomorrows World Denton / Cook (BBC)
Space 1999 Edit - Barry Gray (Silva Screen)
Tales Of The Unexpected - Grainer
And the Last
Hey Let Loose Your Love - Focus Group (Ghost Box)
Sundial - Advisory Circle (Ghost Box)
Mr Brooks - Theme From The Family
Virginie - F De Roubaix (Universal FR)
Greenwich Chorus - Peter Howell (Radiophonic
Automation - F Judd (Castle)
A Great Day Out - Belbury Poly
Untitled - Forthcoming On Ghostbox


OST Kenneth Anger Show
Lucifer Rising Soundtrack by Bobby Beausoleil: Tracks I - V
Shirley Temple - Walk In The Rain
Shirley Temple - When I Grow Up
It's Coming Down Fast - Charles Manson
Birds Of A Feather - Muzzy Marcellino
Smile - Charles Chaplin
The Tales Of Hoffman - Thomas Beecham
Bill Nelson - Das Cabinet Der Dr Kalgari
Turners Murder from OST Performance
Memo From Turner from OST Performance
The Naz - Graham(e) Bond
Holy Mountain OST - 2 cues by Don Cherry
Lucifer Rising Outtakes - CD 2 of the 2 CD set.


OST Wedding Show 27th August
10 – Two cues inc I have an Ear For Love
Get Me To The Church On Time – Shelly Manne And Friends My Fair Lady
I’ve Grown Accustomed Top Her face – Shelly Manne
The Crossroads Wedding Album
Sexoplois – The Collective Marriage Jean Pierre Mirouze
The Bride Wore Black – Herrmann (2 cues)
I Will Wait For You (live) Legrand
Miles And Maya – Sideways, Rolfe Kent
Love Theme 2 – Silk, Ruichi Sakamoto
Three Cues From Hatchet For The Honeymoon, Santa Maria Romitelli
Bless Your Beautiful Hide – Seven Brides For Seven Brothers
Yes Yes, My Baby Said Yes – Ambrose (singing Detective)
I Sowed The Seeds Of Love – Far From The Madding Crowd, Trevor Lucas
Fanny Robin – Richard Rodney Bennett
The Singleman Party Foxtrot – Grusin, The Graduate
Sounds Of Silence – The Graduate
Vivaldi Concert In C –Kramer V Kramer
Divorce American Style – Dave Grusin 2 cues
DIVORCE – Tammy Wynette - 5 Easy Pieces
How To Murder Your Wife - Hefti (3 cues)
Sunset And Glory – Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, Frank Devol
Wedding – The Godfather
The Wedding – John Barry
We Have All The Time In The World – Barry
I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face - Cribbins


OST Show 02.06.11 New Bits inc Man With X Ray Eyes!!
Man With X Ray Eyes – Complete Score –Les Baxter


PoPol Vuh Show Feb 20th 2010
All cues from Popol Vuh soundtracks:
Beginning with Aguirre
Followed by Heart OF Glass
Followed By Nosferatu
Followed by Fitzcaraldo


Xmas review of year OST 18.12.10
Fytengurashi – Killing Melody
Yajugari M – 11 T 3 – Killing Melody
White Lightning OST Main Title and Hound Chase
Primitive London 1 & 2
Freelance 1
GPO Tower – Dudley Moore
Three cues from Tony OST – The The
Second Theme (Girl And Dog) – White Dog, Morricone
Conversation Piece – Herrmann
Sinfonia Antarctica – Ralph Vaughn Williams
Bonjour Tristesse – Juliette Greco
Funky N* – Boris Gardiner
Morbid Beat – I Marc 4
The Hills Have Eyes – Don Peake
Delia Smiths Cookery Course – Johnny Hawksworth
The Mugwump – Reg Wale
Sleeping Baby – James Murphy
Falsche Ruhe – Meobius
Halucinations – Roy Budd
Fearful Symetries – John Adams
Teho Teadro – 1
Cours lapin


Yesterday – Nancy Ames
3 Tracks from the Rich Morton Sound album
Cultural Pottage from Tonight Let’s all Make Love In London
Girl In The Dark – Jack Tromby
On A Clear Day You Can See Forevere – The Peddlers
Mission Impossible - The Kane Triplets
Peggy Lee – Bewitched
The Look Of Love – The Three Sounds
Carmen McCrae – Sounds Of Silence
Matha Reeves – Everybody’s Talkin’
Ann Margret – Never On A Sunday
Baby Elephant Walk – Pat Boone
Lena Horne – Umbrellas Of Cherbourg
Mark Murphy – Windmills Of Your Mind
Esther Phillips – Shadow Of Your Smile
Tony Bennett – Alfie
Dionne Warwick – Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Diamonds Are Forevere – The Bachelors
Scott Walker – Godfather Theme
Mrs Brown - Tom Courtney
It’s A Golden Day – 5th Dimension
Loxene – Mike Sammes
Georgie Girl – Matt Munro
Mogul Theme – Alan Tew


OST Show 05.11.11
Werner Muller Orchestra "Bodybuilding" (Side 1, Track 1)
The 4 Instants "Bogattini" (Side 2, Track 1)
Stringtronics "Tropicola" (Side 2, Track 5)
De Wolfe Library "Gloaming" (Side 2, Track 6)
The Scottmen "Sitar Sitter" (Side 1, Track 2)
Sohail Rana "Soul Sitar" (Side 1, Track 4)
RD Burman "Baby Lets Dance Together" (Side 2, Track 2)
Kalyanji Anandji "Na Na Na" (Side 2, Track 2)
Laxmikant Pyarelal "Theme Music" (Side 2, Track 1)
Unknown (Top Teen Talent 45) (Side 2, Track 1)
Mustafa Ozkent "Uskudar" (Side 1, Track 1)
Os Mutantes "A Minha Meninha" (Side 1, Track 1)
The Helpful Soul "Madia’s Theme" (Side 2)
Unknown "On A Sorrowful Day" (Side 1)
OTTO "Otis Redding cover" (Side 2, Track 1)
Love "Coming Home Baby" (Side 1, Track 4)
Bruce Smeaton "Football" (Side 1)
Bruno Spoerri "Concert for Fork Lift Truck, Guitar and Synthesizer"
Unknown "Dance The Slurp" (7-Eleven 45)
The Poets "Fun Buggy" (Strike Cola 45)
The Black Abbotts "Soul Man" (Side 2, Track 3)
Quartz "Social Values" (Side 2)
The Voices Of Conquest "O Yes My Lord"
The Thompson Community Singers "Jesus Is Just Alright"
Scorpio Group "Lead Me Through The Night" (Side 2, Track 1)
The Lions "Gorgeous Linda" (Side 1)
Hong Kong Soundtrack "Jumping Ash" (Side 2, Track 1)
Ennio Morricone "Svolta Definitiva"
Roy Budd "A Haunt Club" (Side 1, Track 5)
Hugo Montenegro "Spaceport" (Side 1, Track 4)


SIMON GITTER OST Show (22nd Jan 2011)
Pin Ball – Johnny Hawksworth
Outbreak Of Murder – Gordon Franks
If I Was A Rich Man – Guy Boyer
Masculine Feminine – Cipriani
The Aeronauts – Rick Jones
Pathfinders – Andy Ross
Bobby Byrne – A Shade Of Brass
Bingo Goes Pop Advertising disc
Secret - Saudieri
Components – De Fillipi
Haunting Me – Alan Moorhouse
Light Flight – Alan Tew
Intelligence Men – Alan Hawkshaw
Mansion Of Cards – Brian Hodgeson
The Riddler – Frank Gorshin
Hurry To Me – Cyril Stapleton
A Lollipop For Papa – Peter Zinovieff
If I Didn’t Work What Would I do – Morrione
Barnabus Theme – First Theremin Era
Changing Horizons – AMP Advertising Disc
On The Move – The Dooleys
Playgirl – Quatar
Oh That Girl –Michael Crawford
Once Upon A Time – Rosemary Nichols
Cliff Adams Advertising Disc
Eric Siday – Auto Mobile
On The Buses – Quinceharmon
Tendre Voyou – Guy Boyer
Hot Heels – Barbara Moore


Martial Solal Show Feb 27th 2010
A Bout De Souffle Universal CD – 3, 4, 5, 6
Le Process
Two Cues from L’affaire Du Nuit
Two cues from L"Echappment Libre
One cue from Leon Morin, Priest
Four cues from MPI Volume 1 (MPI Trio)
Volez Balles – from Fafasifa
A Pas Des Loupes – from Fafasifa
One other cue from – from Fafasifa
Four cues from Action – MPI 22
Electrodes LP with Magne – 4 cues
A Bout De Souflle – Version unedit


Bob Moog Advert
Unknown Commercial track
Endless Summer Skincare
Beach Boys – I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times
Simon And Garfunkel – Save The Life Of My Child
Kolumbo – Dick Hyman
Old Man Willow – Elephant’s Memory
Let’s Scare Jessica To Death OST – Walter Sear
Integrated Circuit – Walter Sear
Circles – William Fischer
Windmills Of Your Mind – Walter Sear
The Vamp – Walter Sear
National Lampoons Disco Beaver From Outer Space OST – Walter Sear
Zombie Holocaust OST – Walter Sear X 2
Platinum Paradise OST – Walter Sear
The Tiffany Minx OST – Walter Sear
General Electric Advert – Walter Sear
Subway Music From Mascara
Tenement Theme OST – Walter Sear
Opening from The Holy Mountain OST


Coit - Jean Yanne
All The World Is Beautiful – Jean Yanne
Un Beau Monstre / Hashish Party– George Garvarentz
Blue Eyes (2 cues) Goldfingers Orchestra
Doucement Les Bas – Claude Bolling
Ouregan Sur Soho – Alpert Kings
If you’re Going To Die, Enjoy it (2 cues) – Gianni Marchetti
A Little Sun In The Cold Air – Legrand
Carre Bleu – Herve Roy
La Route – Toute Per Arrive
Baseball – Gainsbourg
Yesterday OR Tomorrow – Marianne Faithful
Hang It – Yan Tregger
Repetitions – De Roubaix (L"Homme Orchstra)
Dernier Domicile Connu – De Roubaix
Summer – Dram Workshop
Richard Harris On Love
Johnny On Note – Barbra Streisand
Like Father Like Son – Richard Harris
Jubilation – Paul Anka
Dady Da Da – France Gall
Le Voyou – Francis Lai


Lionel Bart – Isn’t This Where We Came in?
Out Of Time – Morricone
Below Yellow Bell - Yusef Lateef
Rhythmic Group Shape – Daphne Oram
Ask Yourself Why – Karin Krog
Creation Spontenee – Jean Louis Cadee
The Animals Film – Robert Wyatt
Fashe Rue – Dieter Mobius
Pop Electronique #7 - Cecil Leuter
Opus – Tristram Cary
Pronto C’e Una Certa… - Nascimbene
Waltz In Orbit – Radiophonic W
12 ou 14 Juilliet – Lard Free
Manege – Lasry / Baschet
Jazz gallery – Giovanni Tommaso
Woomerang – Tom Dissivelt
Giant Flies – Alan Kremski
Disadvantages of Life –John Rhydgren
Carribrean Ringo – Yoki Freund
Baby’s Music Box – Ralph Kuhn
Computology – John Cameron
Kes – Front Titles – John Cameron
Orientase – Baroque Jazz Trio
La Mer – Edgar Versey
Wreck OF The Old ’97 – Creed Taylor


Xmas Day 2009
6 Cues from L’Antartique De Roubaix
3 Cues From Jeremiah Johnson
Pierre Dutour – Picture OF Winter (Chappell)
Medley from the Burl Ives Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer
3 Cues From 13 Days In France
Eternity – The Thing
3 Cues from The Big Silence
Il Conformista
2 Cues from Last Snows OF Springtime
Snow – Irvin Berlin’s White Xmas
Snow Frolic
Fargo – Frances McDormand
Horror Express –John Cacavas
Antarctica - Vangelis


Xmas Show OST 25.12.10
Ghost OF The Turkey – Anona Winn
We Three Kings – Miles Davis
Good King Wenceslas – Project 549
Good King Wenceslas – Douglas Leedy
Sleigh Ride – Les Reed
Snow – Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye etc
Xmas Lullaby – Cary Grant
Young World – Otis Skillings
Santa Clause Is Coming To Town – Latin Xmas
Little Xmas Bells – Marni Nixon
Consider Yourself – Frank Owens
Dance Of The Fagin Boys – 101 Strings
Give Us A Kiss For Xmas – Lionel Bart
We Don’t Want Him – Anita Kerr
Ebenezer Electric – Bruce Haack
The Angel With The Faded Jeans – Anita Kerr
We Three Kings – The Roller Disco Xmas LP
Sleigh Ride – Duke Pearson
Blue Xmas – Miles Davis
Little Drummer Boy – Duke Pearson
Little Drummer Boy - The Roller Disco Xmas LP
Xmas In The Congo – The Markees
Chillin With Santa – Derek B
Hang Your Balls On The Xmas Tree – Kay Martin
Jingle Bells – Jimmy McGriff
Little Donkey – Frenesi Watson
My Favourite Things - Sy Mann
Winter Wonderland – Ruth Welcome
While Shepherds Watched – Sugar Minott
Nutty Jingle Bells – Al Hirt

And a whole lot more...