Recommendations - October 2015

Unusual Beatles Covers:

Yes, this includes a charming version of Blackbird – a bit like a Mike Sammes version, and there are some interesting and almost abstract takes on others. It’s not the best LP of Beatles covers I have come across but there is a little magic here and I do keep sticking it on and before I know it I’m sticking it on again.

Vetrina Musicali:

There are many Italian library LPs called Vetrina Musicale (Musical Showcase) and some are better showcases than others. This is the maddest one I have ever come across, being a mixture of weird exotics and drama. It’s like being in a Hawaiian murder investigation. We listened to it in the dark with the TV on but the sound down. And it was like being on acid but we had cups of herbal tea instead. Awesome.

Another library LP:

There is a new library book a coming (watch this space). As a result I have been listening to muchos librarios recordos. This one is especially good, it’s by John Cameron and it has a major theme from Prison Cell Block H on it. It’s like a hard aggressive criminal lesbian library record. How cool is that


I’d never heard of this artist or LP or anything until I bought the very well timed bootleg compilation “The Folk Funk Experience”. That was a hugely influential LP when it came out – in 1995 - bringing pretty much unknown sounds, artists and tracks (such Montreal, Heaven & Earth, Christine Harwood etc) to many people’s attention. What was also quite interesting is that the compiler seemed to find a load of great cues that were the best cues on fairly mediocre LPs. My favourite track on the original compilation was Jigsaw by Del Richardson. My mate Martin Green had it (still with a 20p sticker on it) but would not sell it to me because he was a fan of Roger Dean who did the artwork. Well, 20 bloody years later I manage to get one of my own. And it’s actually alright as an LP. But Jigsaw is still the best track.

A Record On Ariete:

I was sent this by Sermad, because he had two and he's a very kind bloke. I sat down and thought I bet this is all a bit average and maybe less so and he just sent it to me, but how wrong was I. This is a great thing, and actually. considering just about everything is called the same track, it is very interesting. Especially on Side Two where we go form Tensione to Questione, and I kept asking why all the music was so lovely and the record kept telling me.

Way Out…Far:

This was a #50pFriday album a little while ago. A surprisingly hard LP to find - especially in Stereo - by The Lewis Sister (they were sisters, Kinky Kay and Horny Helen) backed here by a bunch of very solid West Coast jazz dudes like Victor Feldman, and yes I know he was British. Anyway, this is a mighty fine and harmoniously deep LP. And I keep on listening. It’s a bit of a late night LP but I seem to listen during the day.

Michael Head And The Strands:

An overlooked LP issued originally in 1997, that made a deep impression on most who listened back then. Well every dog has its day and this is probably one of the represses of the year for many. Being the giant record bore that I am I had to find one of the original 1300 LPs pressed back in 1997 and managed to get one for about the same price as the all new 180gr heavy bollocks version. It’s a very charming LP, has a killer track on it called Something Like You, which is very good indeed in a kind of wrote it quick because I really miss someone lots way and it really does work. So well done everyone.

Ambience By Niny Comolli:

Regardless of how good I was at making music, if I’d been christened Niny I would have changed it by now I reckon. As for the LP, wow, this is odd. Goes from simple kooky tracks a bit like Mary Mungo And Midge, to far out dubby wild experimental noise things. I play this when Bert is trying to do his homework. But only side one as side two is a bit shit.

Some Jacques Loussier Film Music:

Because he did so much, some of his music is a bit off the radar. Like this one. And wow, what a great record, all sort of clever classical in a minimalist nearly jazz fashion, and with dancing youth on the back of the sleeve it just got even better.

A Fag Record:

Stephen is one of the small group of collectors who sit in on the OST Show when I can’t make it. The last time he sat in (and no, I don’t mean it will be THE last time) I was tuned in and he played this really great little single for Marlboro fags. I nearly wet myself. Then about an hour later in the show he played another one and I nearly wet myself again and then he said it was the B side. Holy smoke.

Another Library LP:

This one is on one of those stupid Italian labels that only made one library record. This translates as Man And Nature in Italian, which basically means one side is all about science and the other side is all about getting pissed and shagging, with maybe a fight thrown in. I’m sure lots of people would get excited about the subtle funky tracks on here, but for me it’s all about the little cutesy lovely nature ones, because they all seems to be about protozoa which I find very exciting indeed.


Anyone of a certain age will remember The BEF – The British Electronic Foundation. Set up by Martyn Ware and Craig Marsh – ex Human Leaguers, they issued a cassette called Music For Stowaways. They also issued the same music on a white label LP with the Dinsongs name on it and sent it to film and TV companies like LWT. This is that very vinyl LP, which I bought from LWT when they were shutting down their record library, and it was meant to be experimental in new areas of music. And yes, this was in the Trunk Recs back in 2007, but I am listening again and it sounds even better this time. I hope that’s OK.

Meridiana Jazz:

Whilst researching and digging about and obsessing about this new library book I came across this which is now currently my favourite jazz LP. I bought it for one track and then found out that I liked all the others too. This was one LP that sounded shit when I got it and first played it, because it had all sorts of little lumps and smeggy bits stuck all over it, but I managed to clean them all off with some petrol and my bogey finger and now it sounds fab.


The best way I can describe this is that it looks like a handmade double LP and it sort of is and it has 36 tracks that could be drummy or electronic or maybe both and each track has it’s very own and slightly incongruous shit drawing. I reckon the scanned picture is supposed to be Daley Thompson. Well, track 35 is nothing like Daley Thompson and is unlikely to win any sort of award or medal or anything. By the way, I love Daley Thompson. And track 36 looks interesting too. Possibly a jam for traffic.

Japanese Film Music:

Yes, I have been heading East for some while, but have been enjoying a feast of heavy Japanese soundtracking larks. It’s very hard to find on vinyl, but very easy to listen to on vinyl.

Oh God:

Final library LP of the bunch, I got this on a whim as I’d never seen it before and liked some of the descriptions, like African Mission and Concentration, all at the same time as being under the broad heading of Religion. Then I got it home and it blew my tiny little mind for about a week as it was so utterly beautiful and unexpected. I mean I nearly now believe in God.

Ernest Berk:

Possibly the best musician name I have ever come across. He was a dancer, musicians, all round experimental dude. I have his ballet music here. Some of it sounds like Gershwin on acid. It is coming out soon. Get in there.

Cockshut 74:

Yes, it’s a school LP from ’74. And why would I not put this LP in the recommendations?