20,000 Leagues

Under The Sea

Published by Four Corners Books and Trunk

So there I was. Minding my own business at a book launch, when those lovely people at Four Corners Books came a long and said "Hi Jonny, we want to make a book with a record with you, is there a book you’d like to make music for?" My immediate response was 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea as it was the only book I could think of that would allow me to make some underwatery music, which was a plan I’d had for some while. They were up for it, I was up for it and the project began. Then I had the idea of doing a cover based on scrimshaw – that’s when in the 18th century sailors used to draw nautical scenes and stories on marine ivory using a sharp point and ink. The natural lateral jump was a series of tattoos, and the initial idea was for me to get drawn on with squids and that but then I realized I really don’t have the six pack or chest hair for such a shot, so we moved on. We had to find a tattooist, and after a remarkable struggle to find a one who would do the work and actually respond to our emails and requests, Liam Sparkes landed the job. And what a job he's done.

Musically this is my idea of underwater sounds via the book, mixed with the on board organ dabbles of Nemo the raving mad Captain of the Nautilus. The whole gatefold LP comes with amazing artwork, the complete original book, a blue vinyl LP of the music and DL code. It can all be found right here.