The Bosworth Archive

Catalogue No.

Barked 3

In 1994, the Bosworth archive was discovered by TRUNK. This small music library was actually the oldest music library in existence. All the recordings from the sixties and seventies were licensed and then lovingly compiled from original master tapes and vinyl.

To launch the Super Sounds of Bosworth, 40 selected members of the press were sent a promotional pair of perfumed panties, with a cryptic message. It must have worked because reviews for the recording were very, very sexy. And John Peel played it twice.

Almost overnight this strange first LP of library jazz, beats, easy early experimental electronica and music concrete became a star in DJ boxes all around the world.

Today it still remains a classic sample tool, and below is a very short list of people who have used and abused it.

David Holmes - in his essential mix. Unaccredited

UFO - on that "exciting" soundtrack looking LP they made. Unaccredited.

Everlast - House of Pain's lead singer, debut LP. Track 16. 2,000000 copies sold. Unaccredited.

4 Marmite Commercials - banned after 17 children collapsed when it ran in the Blind date ad break.

Thievery Corporation - most of their first LP. Unaccredited and unpaid for usage.

Just 17 girls magazine - sampled on their crap TV ad. Asking the thievery boys to do the next one I hope. Trunk loves the sampler. It is the orchestra of the future. But using straight samples and not changing them in any way, and not crediting the samples is out of order, it's not big and it's not clever. So there.

Volume two of "The Super Sounds" was pressed only on a short run of 750. This collection of easy and uneasy listening sold out in two days. Due to a pressing fault, track one side two was missing. In a desperate scramble to avoid having to change the artwork, we decided to include an erratum, one taken from a 1967 issue of Playboy. If you see volume 2 anywhere on vinyl, buy it. It's worth good money now. It also contains an awesome Howard Lucraft track unavailable anywhere else.

The Battle of Bosworth was the obvious next step. Lots of folk were sampling "The Super Sounds", so we thought we'd have a go, and ask all our chums to join in.

The Trunk favourite has to be "Hula Saw" by the "Bill Posters Will Be Banned" live at the Bulls Head in Barnes. Here, former members of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band and The Temperance 7 play the saw and bottle neck banjo to the pissed-up crowd of Trunk groupies. Criminal that this recording was never committed to vinyl.

Other artist for this remix project included "Klute", one of the most traditional and innovative D & B artists in the world, and "Dynamic Syncopation" two true beatheads, now prolific and proving their value to Ninja Tune. The Mount Vernon Arts Lab is still plugged in too, playing live in nuclear bunkers and proving to be an important electronic experimentalist of our time. Or should that just be mentalist.

Reviews for this LP were cool, and XFM used the killer "Ronnie and Clyde" track on their competition announcements. Nice.