Deep Throat

Linda Lovelace 1949-2002

Catalogue No.

Bonk Records

By now you should really know of, or about this film. It's the story of a girl who discovers that she has her privates in her throat. Brilliant concept and a one way ticket to a feast of fellatio which is exactly what Mr Punter wants.

Basically in 1973, more by luck than judgement, it became the hippest, chicest film to see. Law suits came and went with its release, fuelling a sex hungry press who in turn promoted the film constantly to a randy public. After all, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

Hollywood stars were spotted at screenings, in fact there's a fab picture of Sammy Davis and a foxy and furry Shirley Maclean getting out of a limo and walking into one of the showings. Now that's great publicity. And it wasn't even a premier. For a sexually naive and possibly frustrated America, Deep Throat was an education and a new release in the bedroom for many couples. Porno was fashion.

Almost overnight Linda Lovelace became a national celebrity, a quick ride which climaxed with her appearance on the Johnny Carson show. Years later her book "Ordeal" reveals that she was forced to perform in the movie against her own wishes, being drugged and threatened at gun point most of the way through. Chuck, the man responsible for her successes denies it all. Many saw her revelations as false and a means to renewed fame. You have to really see the movie to draw your own conclusions.

The film has "inspired" several offshoots, Deep Throat 2 and I think they're up to about 32 now. And today, Deep Throat is still an industry in it's own right, every year the video sells out at Christmas in America. Uncut copies of the film are always an underground commodity, world wide.

Now I don't really give a toss. For me it is a unique aural experience. It has everything. Incredible musical moments mixed with frightfully bad bits, but that's charm for you.

For a start the "Opening Theme" is mind numbing. "Love is Strange" is a sleazy funk moster with mad effects and breaks that runs for about 8 minutes. There's an unbelievable version of the coke theme on it too, "I'd like to teach you all to screw", which I think sums up the whole porno ethos of taking someone else good idea or success and then seriously screwing around with it. Throughout the recording the dialogue is wonderfully trashy, and you don't really have to have seen the film to enjoy it. It's actually better without any reference to the film at all. Think groovy, sleazy. cheezy, cheap, long hair, tight shirts and moustaches and you're about there musically.

For many years this has been a desirable recording to find because it is what it is. And in its history, the recording has been issued twice, once in 1972 when the film originally came out. This was a complete recording of the film, on vinyl, in all its appauling quality. Plain white sleeve with a small black and white sticker on the front. Mint copies have sold for $300.

Ten years later, another vinyl issue was produced, by Sandy Hook records. This is an even worse recording of the film, but the cover has stills and it's incredibly sought after. Two copies have been spotted on ebay recently going for $120+.

Now Trunk have issued this sleaze filled soundtrack monster. Remastered, then remastered again this is the cleanest recording ever issued. It is the complete recording of the film. The cover is sexy. We think the recording is great. The whole film on limited vinyl and CD, 17 tracks all as odd as each other.

Unfortunately the musical performers are anonymous, as the usual deal on this kind of job was just to turn up at a designated place at a designated time, jam, and then get paid to bugger off again. Also, there are no master tapes or m+e's available anywhere, as the FBI still hold most of the related artifacts. So the sound quality is not brilliant, but it's better than it has ever been before.

I will leave you with the lyrics to the main theme...

Deep throat
Deeper than deep your throat
Deep throat
Don't row your boat
Don't get your goat
That's all she wrote
Deep throat