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Dirty Fan Male still very much exists. It is an ongoing project that Jonny Trunk and Wisbey are happy to perform if the time is right and we can both make it. We did a show recently in Greenwich whiich was brilliant. It was at "Up The Creek", a hardcore comedy venue and the gig came about because the organisers had heard about us, so they got in touch. And we said, erm erm erm for a bit and then said yes. So, it is very much alive and kicking as show, we have many new letters, one which I have scanned a bit of. I am currently working on a new release - Dirty Fan Male 2 or Even More Dirty Fan Male, not quite decided on a title yet and not sure even about a release date as there are many other Trunk releases queuing up. Anyway we have about 60 or 70 new unheard letters and tracks, so watch this space.

While you are here, if you are interested in having or putting Dirty Fan Male on as a show, email us. We can perform to 10 people or hundreds of people, we have done theatres, private parties, you name it. We have all our own equipment, a pleasant piano these days and we really love performing it. So just get in touch and we'll see what we can do.


Yes, the old DFM CD has now been replaced by a newer, bigger sexier version. And one with tits on the cover too. This version has some new features, which include some killer new letters and even the Spunky Arthur Theme. This is a very limited edition repress. Get one if you do not have one.

DIRTY FAN MALE AT EDINBURGH 2006 Christ that was difficult. I mean you try spending more than a day in Edinburgh with Wisby - and then remember I had to stay a whole month with him with no way out!!! And at the same time a performing this extremely wild Dirty Fan Male show every night with him in front of heavy Edinburgh fringe audiences.

Highlight of the 2006 Dirty Fan Male run at Edinburgh (apart from selling out) was meeting Jim Bowen who at the time was counting out tenners at the bar in the Gilded Balloon. We had a good chat about Bullseye, speedboats, his old Jag which was bought by a mate of mine's Dad in the 1980s and also a good chin wag about Lionel Jeffries. Lionel is a big mate of Jim's. He was in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. And that's what we talked about.

The press gave us a very hard time this year, in that they all came in free passes everyday, laughed a lot, brought guests in for nothing and then said they had no plans to review the show anyway. Which I though was a bit crap. I mean why get a free ticket to a show you are not planning on writing about? Why not spend that valuable Edinburgh time seeing one of the 1800 other shows you will, could or should be writing about instead eh? But they still kept coming and then refusing to review the show at all.

Our venue this year was larger and harder, twice the size as the one we had before, but not nearly as damp. We used new letters every night, jiggled the show about and Wisbey extended the now infamous finale to involve another letter and even more hysterical laughter. By the beginning of week two we were in full flow, and punters were coming every night - even without reviews we were still going strong on word of mouth and repeat business - lots of people were coming again if you excuse the pun. As usual Wisbey lost his voice by week three through excessive singing, drinking and smoking.

We finished the run in profit, shagged out and with no intention of doing the show again until 2006. We needed lots of time to recover. We have been asked back to Edinburgh but at the moment I'd rather stick hot needles in each eye. The whole expensive Edinburgh 2006 experience I can just sum up in one small word. MENTAL.

The Dirty Fan Male hardback book published by HarperCollins contains all the amazing letters that make up Dirty Fan Male. Now you can see and read Spunky Arthur letters all for yourself. The book is full colour and all the letters are reproduced beautifully. The book is available in all good book shops, in the humour section, and also on line at Amazon.

The Dirty Fan Male documentary, commissioned by Simon Andreae (the man behind Purple Ronnie), was shown on Channel 4 on 6th October 2005. The hour-long film includes live show footage, interviews with Wisbey, my sister, mother and David Sullivan.

Recently we have also printed a very limited run of Dirty Fan Male Tee shirts - My special message Penis and the legendary Dear Leah Harper letters have been reproduced and screen printed onto good cotton tee shirts. There are less than ten of each so if you are interested have a look in ye olde trunk shoppe.

As for live shows, Wisbey is now busy until Xmas, and we do not plan another live show until next year - and even then we cannot be too certain of what is going on. However there may well be an issue two of the CD - we have recorded a further 66 letters and plans are to tinker about with them and see if I can compile a new album. If not, some will be available as downloads online. Either way, more news will follow.

So, we went to Edinburgh in 2004. We did the fringe, Without any marketing budget or any promotion, DFM became the word of mouth hit of the festival. We were outselling major comedians in massive venues.

Loads of Trunk fans turned up (thank you all) and even the groovy guys and gals from Fopp turned up for a night out. What's scary is that some of the Fopp People knew all the words to all of the letters. Throughout the month we laughed a lot. We also cried about half way through.

It really was a huge success for something so small, and put together by people who know nothing about Theatre. Well I don't anyway. I will say though, the thrill of watching and hearing people laugh uncontrollably at this little monster is quite something. We also met some wonderful theatre and comedy people.

Since Edinburgh we have spent a week playing in the Warehouse Theatre in Croydon. How the hell did we end up there. Anyway, it was fine, and we had some very very good crowds in. There was even one bloke who turned up from Birmingham. He'd come all that way. Wisbey spoke to him after the show and he said that expressions like 'My Special Message Penis' is common parlance in his part of Birmingham. Well I never. More DFM shows are in the offing, and more news will be emailed live to the mailing list as and when dates arrive. You should come along, you will wet yourself.


"One of the finest CDs released in the last 10 years" Danny Baker - BBC LONDON 94.9

Well what would you do with a collection of original fan mail written to porn models? Read them? Burn them? Well we decided to record them, so you could hear them and then decide for yourself. DIRTY FAN MALE-The Album. On vinyl & CD. Sorry but we've had to remove the MP3s because they were way too popular and our bandwidth charges were going through the roof. New DFM Tee shirts might be available. Mail Jonny to find out.

The letters were originally written to some top girlies - actually "written" is a bit strong as most of the language used is quite extraordinary.

Most of the letters are funny, both peculiar and ha ha, and therefore make for quite extreme reading. And once you start you cannot stop.

We also saw that some of the original letters had a real sense of rhythm and poetry and were therefore not just read, but sung in a sympathetic style.

The result is quite touching and can be heard on the unique "Dirty Fan Male" EP. The artwork by Derek for the original 7inch (Cat. No. WWW1) is shown above.

Recorded at a secret location by the most secretive "Weird Wide World of Wisbey", the spunky white vinyl 7" record (playing at 33) had people in fits of laughter which slowly developed into a desperate sense of madness, sadness and more. You will never experience anything quite like it. We haven't and we made it. The performance by the Weird Wide World of Wisbey is perfect.

The reaction was both positive and extraordinary. Two people have phoned up and called me Lionel. How weird is that. Months on from making the original recording I am still unable to get these sex crazed odes out of my mind, especially this one..

You really turn me on
wild really wild
and you very beautiful
sexy body
and you're gorgeous
and sexy big boob and rising nipple
and i fuck you
and you fuck me
and we fuck all the day
and we fuck all the night
and my big rising willie

Yours sincerely Lionel


Check out the The Guardian's 4 star review and the article about the show

First Edinburgh flyer

Wisbey in full flow, Edinburgh 04

Jonny, Edinburgh 04

Flyer in situ, Edinburgh 04

Dear Eve, Jonny's Mum, DS and friends, Bethnal Green 04

Jonny and Donna, Bethnal Green 04

Jonny and Wisbey, Bethnal Green 04

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