It has been impossible for me to rid myself of the memory of being in a school hall,with little black plimsoles on, dancing about to weird noises. I was about five years old at the time, and I have flashbacks of reaching skyward, crouching down and running all about the place as my footwear squeeked on the polished wood floor.

Since becoming a record collector I have stumbled across lots of LPs and eps made specifically for this style of children's musical education. They fall under a number of titles, Music And Movement. Music Movement and Mime, Listen Move And Dance. The music on all these records is intriguing, challenging, often quite electronic, or experimental. And as I have got older I have wanted to bring some of these old memories I have back to life. It's also helped having a child who loves listening to odd music. And I realised there was nothing quite as odd as this around anywhere. And now, over the last few months, a couple of Sunday lunchtime Music and Movement sessions have been created and in 2008 the small team that has now formed around me will be trying to take the idea to a new and different level.

We set up each session in small local halls, old theatres, anywhere that is a safe, suitable environment for kids to run about it. We have a set list of recordings and a qualified dancer and drama teacher to lead the children into the music that I play. The end result is quite extraordinary, with children running about like little insects, growing like plants or floating about in imaginary streams of water.