An ongoing series of brilliant Trump style card games - but all about records! Each pack has 55 cards - each new set is very limited. They follow the classic Trump game/playing style in that each card has 5 or 6 statistics - such as rarity score, mint value etc. Players battle it out using theses stats and the winner is the player who wins all the cards.

These are not only great to play but surprisingly educational, giving away some classic rare record information you could not possibly find anywhere else. Be warned, if you have kids, they will get very good at this fast and thrash you, BUT they will learn all sorts of geeky facts that will serve them very well in later life.

Set 1: Rare Records Pop Trumps Includes 55 of the rarest UK pressed records on 7”, 10”, LP and double LP. From Darrell Banks to Banksy and beyond…just 1000 packs made, no represses. All sold out.

Set 2: Northern Soul Pop Trumps Featuring 55 amazing soul 7” records, many from the legendary collection of Wigan DJ Richard Searling. With values from £30 to £100,000 (yes, a Northern Soul 7” changed hands for that 6 figure sum during lockdown!). 1000 packs made. All sold out.

Set 3: Library Music Pop Trumps From the Jonny Trunk library music collection. Includes classic, rare and not so rare LPs, from Electrosonic to Pop Electronique, from Big Beat to erm, Big Beat. First 500 packs sold out in about 24 hours, another second 500 repressed with one card different!!

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