Catalogue No.


Right, now before I spill the beans all about this one, I'm going to let Derek have some fun and set up some links to rubbish Tomorrow People Pages. Then I shall come and write a load of old guff about it all. Brilliant music though. Brilliant.

Derek here. Well it's now 2020 and I'm rebuilding the newly redesigned Trunk site in the middle of the Corona Virus 19 lockdown. All but one of the links I found in 2006 are now dead. I'll include the original copy for the record but omit the dead links.

Here we go then back...back..

Well jaunt me sideways there certainly are a lot of TP related sites out there. Google it and you'll see what I mean. It certainly seems to conjour up the very essence of the seventies and people are very fond of it, myself included. I once met Elizabeth Adare who played Liz at a school fete in Tottenham. Fascinating huh?

TJ Worthington had an article on Bob Stanley's very green site that was good on the 70s context but it's gone now. Or has it? This article positioned TP as a replacement for the brilliant Ace of Wands whereas elsewhere it's positioned as a rival to Dr Who. Probably a little truth in both. On hearing the TP theme again the similarity to the Dr Who theme is quite striking. According to Bob a rough version of the TP theme tune can be heard in an episode of the Doctor Who story 'Frontier In Space'.

FEEDBACK from TJ Worthington:
Hello, and many thanks for linking to my ancient Tomorrow People article on Bob Stanley's site (which was actually written by me rather than Bob himself!). As stated in the article, a rough version of the theme can indeed be heard in the Doctor Who story 'Frontier In Space' - it's during (I think) episode three, and accompanies one of those dull spacewalks that were all too common in the Jon Pertwee era. I also reckon that Dudley Simpson's theme from 'Moonbase' is something of a rough sketch of what would become the Tomorrow People theme.

Thanks TJ.

Mr Drednort runs a fan site called The Lab and is part of the Tomorrow People web ring. A tad on the underdesigned side, nevertheless it's packed with nerdy goodies and gets very technical about teleporting amongst other things. Has a good picture of 'John' with Adam West and a hilarious one of Michael Holoway (sic) looking like that Copperfield bloke who makes aircraft disappear. Well I think so anyway.

Trashfiction has a good precis of TP phenomenon but describes Mike Holloway as “drummer with failed teen band Flintlock” which I feel is a little unfair. Flintlock had some chart success although I won't attempt to prove it and the band also appeared in TP as 'The Fresh Hearts'. Trashfiction has a link to an example of the Look-In magazine TP cartoon series. (Look-In was the kids version of TV TImes). Apparantly Mike Holloway was TV Times Personality of the Year 1976. Oh it all fits like a glove. Flintlock also appeared regularly on 'Paulines Quirkes' a forerunner of sorts to 'Birds of a Feather'.

Arguably the most fact-filled of all: Jackie Clark's Tomorrow People scrapbook.

It may also be of interest to Trunk viewers and listeners that Anulka Dziubinska who played asylum-seeking soviet telepath 'Pavla' was Playboy Playmate of the month Miss May 1973. There used to be two worthwhile links to Ms Dziubinska with her kit orf but that are now defunct.

Anulka also starred in the 1974 lezzer horror flick Vampyres and was in Lisztomania in 75.




1) The Tomorrow People Theme (Simpson)
2) Lure of the Space Goddess (Russe / St George)
3) Battle Theme (St George)
4) Homeric Theme (St George)
5) Greek Concrete (St George)
6) Attack Of The Alien Minds (St George)
7) Gothic Submarines (Russe / St George)
8) Whirring Menace (St George)
9) Souls In Space (St George)
10) Time Capsule (St George)
11) Restless Relays (Russe / St George)
12) Planetarium (Russe)
13) Wet Asteroid (St George)
14) Way Out (Russe)
15) Fresh Aire (Russe)
16) Delia's Theme (Russe)
17) Tentative Delia (Russe)
18) Delia's Idea (Russe)
19) Delia's Psychadelian Waltz (Russe)
20) Delia's Resolve (Russe)
21) Delia's Dream (Russe)
22) Delia's Reverie (Russe)
23) Delia's Fulfilment (Russe)
24) Build Up To (Vorhaus)
25) Snide Rhythms (Vorhaus)
26) The Tomorrow People Theme (Simpson)

As you may or may not be aware of the artists here are under pseudonyms: Simpson is indeed Dudley Simpson, he did Blakes 7 and loads of incredible TV scoring, and of course masses of incidentals for Dr Who. Russe is actually Li De La Russe, who is actually Delia Derbyshire, our Coventry mathematician and Goddess of all things progressively electronics. Yes, it is her. The give-away is possibly all her tracks beginning with "Delia". St George is in fact Nikki St George, who is really Brian Hodgson, fellow Radiophonic Workshopper and God of all things electronics. Of course Hodgson and Derbyshire began the seminal and short lived Unit Delta Plus together, where they met, by accident, David Vorhaus who contributes to two tracks on the LP. A few years later, by 1969 in fact, the three had joined forces to create their own space - Kalieaphon studios in Camden Town . They worked on numerous musical projects together (such as ESL 104 where this Tomorrow People LP hails from) and by 1969 the seminal LP An Electric Storm by The White Noise had been created by them all. Right, that's enough for the time being, have a look at the not finished roughs of artwork. Lovely.