Pop Up Sleeve

Catalogue No.


Commercially unreleased score to folk horror classic. Now commercially released.

So, this is the first time Paul Ferris’ score to Witchfinder General has had a commercial release. It was actually issued on vinyl but only as a non commercial library LP (de Wolfe DW/LP 3150 Strange Location) back in 1970.

For the release I sat down and I thought a bit. I wrestled with the fact that in this modern age where people’s attention span is about half a second (probably less), so I should try and make something a bit more fun and interesting for this vinyl release. The idea of a pop up sleeve, with the great, dark and looming figure of Matthew Hopkins (Vincent Price) rising up in front of you as you open the sleeve seemed to be a perfect solution on many levels. So that’s what I did. I worked it out (how it was going to actually work when you opened the gatefold) with card, sticky tape, a small knife and gatefold copy of Man Of La Mancha. The result is stunning. And nearly broke the internet. For about three seconds.