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Yes, here come the Jellies. All over again, To be honest they never really made it the first time, even though they tried. This very small band got together in 1981 and made a 7" single. There are tales of long tape loops running from tape machines to pencils along hallways throughout the recording. There are tales of them pressing up about 1,000 copies on their own little label called Jelly Records. They speak of getting it played on John Peel's Show, and selling about 15 copies to Rough Trade. And then nothing. This was back in 1981. There are no photos of the band. Other than this one. Most of the unsold records were scrapped and are now part of the UK's landfill. The band never recorded again, it was a disaster.

The Jellies in 1981

The Jellies 1981

If we move on nearly 30 years, there are rumblings about the 7" on line. A bootleg edit of the track appears. Thurston Moors finds an original 7" and plays it ten times in a row in one of his DJ sets. Trunk Records license it from the two writers. And now it's here again, this time as a strange 12", with a radio edit and a couple of mixes to boot. One mix is by Georges Vert AKA The Advisory Circle with his dubby clubby disco hat on, one by Fred Deakin of Lemon Jelly, and one by Tommy Stupid and Jonny Trunk who played it backwards. There are 500 of these wobbly little 12" records. We think it's great in a hooky, post punk slightly Tom Tom Club sort of way. And it's possibly the first ever recording from the 80s issued by Trunk. Which feels a bit weird, But I like it none the less.

Jive Baby