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Years ago I dreamed of putting all the groovy library record sleeves into a book. This was one of those little pipe-like dreams, you can kind of see it in your mind, but getting books published is not easy, unless you are prepared to spend maybe about 20 grand on getting it done.

Well by a happy accident I met a groovy couple of graphic people. They are called FUEL. They made that amazing book all about Russian Criminal Tattoos. They know what they are doing I reckon. They actually contacted me about the Dirty Fan male letters. They wanted to make them into a book. This did not happen, however I thought they were very interesting and groovy enough to maybe get the library LP book idea.

I turned up at their office, and put ten odd library LPs on the desk. I explained the whole library thing, where they come from, the aesthetics, the oddness, the almost unseen history. They went for it. And now, about nine or ten months on we have about 350 amazing library sleeves, in a book. Wow. Do they look groovy, all together. Here are just some of the contributors: Cherrystones, Joel Martin, Jerry Dammers, Sermad, Gerald Jazzman, Patrick Whittaker, Martin Green, Ben Horner - basically a load of people you have never heard of.

Click here for some of the groovy covers (opens in a new window)

Yes, the book also comes with a superb CD of rare and desirable tracks. Here's a listing of them:

As you can see, there are one or two massive library heroes on the CD, and that's on top of the book which is incredible too (like over 300 rare and sexy covers and that). There are a limited number of the books, it will not be repressed and it's only available from selected outlets. I'm not selling it through ye new olde trunk shoppe, however I'd recommend buying it right now through a fine on-line store like because he'll send it to you right away and won't dick you about.