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Well they work hard. We all work hard trying to get them heard. So far the Italian people have listened and now the gang of five, or is it six, or seven or eight even are going to Italy to be on Top Of The Pops. Their single 'Oh Boy' is on a car advert. They are getting very super airplay. So sod you, England, if you know what I mean. But one day, people will realise what a super and hugely talented band they are. I still like them. I still like the album. Go on. Buy it now and cheer someone up. Do you know anyone in hospital? Or maybe a sad pensioner. Or maybe a large overweight teenager who needs a day brightened. Buy them this great CD.

Anyway, Anthony, the producer for the band is also involved musically with a bird called Miya. She's a hot new urban act chick. She'll sell loads of reckids to the kids and hopefully Anthony will be able to buy us all some new outfits with the proceeds. I know for sure he'll be buying himself some more lager.

They also have a sexy new website, designed by our Derek (Link removed August 2008, site no longer exists), and I was quite suprised to see no tits on it all all. Well not those kind of tits at least. More Italian news will follow. You will read it and weep my English friends and people from other countries apart from Italy.


I will say now, this is a great album. No really. It has lots of sweetness and lots of darkness in equal measures, and the instrumentation, arrangements, ideas and twiddly diddley bits are quite superb. If you are a girlfriend, or you have one, you should really buy this CD. It will earn you pints and maybe even a little extra nocturnal activity. The artwork is full of broken pictures and a weird cat, which I quite like.

There are 13 songs in all even though it only says 12 on the CD. I really really like track one and my favourite is track 4, which is massively dark and weird near the end. Clever people that Transcargo lot. They are even very good live. That's right, they can do no wrong. Go on.

Go to ye olde shoppe and have a listen. Go on you miserable sod, you can't live in the past forever - I don't any more.


Well there I as, minding my own business when the dog rang. It was Transcargo. They are a band. One girlie (Emily) who sings and writes, one guy (Anthony) who sings and writes and produces, and loads of other blokes who do loads as well. They have the old Hit Factory (think Rick Astley) studios in South London. They also have lots of old instruments and some interesting new ideas. They sent me a CDR of music they had made. I listened to it and thought that it sounded "fresh" and very radio friendly. Two months later we have release a mini LP - a six track 12". I think it is quirky and quite poppy, which seems to go against just about everything that trunk stands for, but basically I couldn't help myself.

The Mini Album - Oh Boy by Transcargo - is available via the trunk shoppe, and is limited to just 500 copies. Please buy one, otherwise they will never have enogh money to pay me back the £20 they owe me for a library record I sold them.

Oh, they also played live at Cargo in London and were bloody good. Really bloody good. They are prolific songwriters too and have the kind of get up and go that will see them into most peoples record collections over the next few years. Well thats what I think. Oh, they also wrote lots of music for shot TV ads, but they do it very well. Next time you go into Sainsburys and see one of those TVs advertising an ironing board cover and a battery operated milk whisk, the music is by Transcargo.


Transcargo website is dead