Recommendations - April 2012

Relax With Rolf

G’day. This is Rolf’s first album. Complete with wobble board and charisma, this is Rolf pre major fame. And a delightful little trip it is, especially when you get to Tie Me kangaroo Down Cha Cha number, which is as mindblowing as it is unexpected.

This Kangaroo Album

Ticking with the antipodean theme, it’s a shame we never got this album in the library album book, as the use of a kangaroo complete with little joey on the front is not only out of all context with the Italian music but for some peculiar reason makes me feel a bit sick.

The Legend Of A Saxman

When I bought this the bloke who I purchased it from had drawn on the plastic outer sleeve, highlighting the terrible paintings of people on the front and also added the line “Oh Hell Yeah” at the top of the LP. I’m inclined to agree with him as this is very much a journey in to hell. Dreary is also an adjective I’d use to explain this unbelievably poor album. The use of vocals, synths and sax are wonderfully poor. We listen to this album Sunday mornings now, and Bert, who is six, is convinced the woman on the album is trying to be a man.

A Rick Jones single

Cute little soundtrack to a cute little TV show I do not remember and know absolutely nothing about. If anyone has any ideas about this I’d like to know.

This Donny Hathaway Album

There’s something about one of the tracks on here that I found weirdly familiar. And so I started playing it loads and loads and boring the tits off my family for ages. I’ve stopped playing quite so much when they are around now and play it mostly in the car when I am alone and dreaming about being a casual.

English Songs Volume Two

I had never ever ever seen this little Shirley Collins EP and so when I saw it at JBs Records in Hanway Street had to buy it. I’ve not listened hard to folk for a while, but this is quite something. I don’t think anyone does it batter in fact, and even though there are only four cues here, her voice is in spine-tingling form. I really mean it, she seems to drift on some of her vocals a bit more that usual, either that or my 45 speed is a little dicky.

The Donnie And Jo LP

This has been an underground legend for many years now, turning up on hip lists for several hundred dollars. Takes a a long time to track down and most copies that turn up are unplayed. It’s an interesting pre and mid puberty album with some sublime lyrics, drums and geetar work, And some sensational collars. Rumour is that this is being repressed in the USA shortly.

An Album Made By A Bloke Called Jack

Never seen this before, had the flute player from Mr Benn on it so I had to buy it. Turns out to be a mental sort of Brit jazzy beatnik oddity, which is doing things to me when I hear it. But one chirpy track is about switchblades is a touch on the odd side. And there’s a picture of Jack on the front cover, looking a bit like Blackula but able to hang out in the daylight. Very cool.

This Trilogy Tapes Record

Twelve inches of near strangeness from TTT, but there’s one track on this which is quite slow and repetitive and sort of out of time a bite and that’s why I like it I think. Possibly the most interesting new record I have heard recently. Actually it’s about the only new record I have heard recently.

The Drive Soundtrack

Actually, strike that last statement, I have been listening to this OST for a while now. Great mix of modern ambient things, funny modern 80s pastiches, good bit of techno, it’s great in the car and at home when we have turned the sofas into a vehicle using cushions, some blankets and a plate for a steering wheel. And Bert will be handling all the plastic guns for when we meet trouble.

Henge Man

A most unusual British Big band Jazz LP. Sort of a bit like Neil Ardley but without the progressive attitude None the less this has that sad bad British sound and a cover to die for. Or get sacrificed for or something.

Loads Of Bruton Records

Yes, been listening to lots of Bruton library LPs. Lots are rubbish, but lost are also quite good, Got a stash for £5 each whish I have been getting quite excited about. I also now have some doubles which I will be selling to feed the new fish we have bought.

Gary McFarland Soft Samba

Just when I think I’ve got all the Gary LPs, I find another I haven’t got. This was one I bought recently and have listened to a lot at supper time, when I need a bit of simple, one way musical traffic. It’s a real shame someone poisoned Gary. Well that’s the story. Here he does a fine version of From Russia With Love which is all drippy and wet.

The Shaggs LP

Now I know I will never ever find an original of this legendary outsider album. And even if I did find one I could not pay the $1000 plus it would cost. So an 80s pressing is fine, but still took an age to get. This album really is total hell. I stick it on when I need to get a headache.

Germ Free Adolescents

Had a funny dream about this LP, no idea why, so started listening to it quite a bit. I think it’s the slightly cod reggae title track number I really like.

TA Bit Of Coloursound

Not only have the old Brutons been coming out, so have the Coloursound LPs. Really terrifying artwork, some terrifying sounds too, but super to leave on and drift off into another room and wonder what on earth might be going on when you return.

Masses Of Very Gay CDs

One of the CD dealers at Spitalfields bought the collection of a dead gay man. His CD collection was mainly old show tunes. I bought loads of these CDs as they were 50p each, and got pushed out of the way while I was browsing by a big fat and sweaty gay man who was trying desperately to get to the Doris Day / Judy Garland rows. I told him to stop being so impatient. Anyway, the fascinating thing about these CDs is that they were all decorated by the man (called Bryan – his name is on all the CDs) in the most peculiar way: everything was reboxed in sparkly jewel cases, and all over them were stuck the sort of stickers that little girls put on school books and dollies. Others feature clear sticky tape that he has put over the white paper booklets to give them an extra shot of colour. Mental. I shall scan some…

An amazing schoolkid LP

Includes the terribly recorded but beguiling tune Jimmy Whalen by the Little Folk. I love it so much I made it available, but only digitally at the moment. Needs to be on vinyl as it’s is so very lovely.

Bob Chance It’s Broken

Yes, the fabulous Bob Chance LP is here in all it’s glory. I still love it. It’s bonkers. According to some this is known as “Hairy Forearm Disco”. You can see why.