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Reading back over the last Recommendations, I cannot quite believe how I made so many grammatical and spelling errors. A grade of C+ would have been more than generous. More like a big old D would have been headed my way. So, this time I’m really going to try very hard and get my spelling all batter. Personally, I’m blaming it all on the unbounded enthusiasm to which I approach this website and the pages you see. It’s that very same enthusiasm that keeps me buying records, playing them and wondering why. Here are just some of those records, recent purchases that have tickled my fancy. And boy, it is a big fancy.


My wife bought a sheepskin rug. It’s near the record player in the front room. The rug moults on a daily basis. The fine white fur floats and fluffs around the place and is now in the habit of landing on or close to the vinyl scattered around the base of the record player stand. I’m sure I’ll be discovering white fluffy bits on my albums for years to come now. Never mind as I have an old brush. Here are some records (and some CDs) that I have been getting down with. Some were very cheap. One was expensive but I’d never seen it before and it has the flute player from Mr Benn on it.