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I spent a long, hard month in Edinburgh . The weather changes every few minutes. You get four seasons in a day. My drinking was fairly irresponsible, and there was much socialising between the hours of 8pm and 5am . This, as you can imagine makes it real hard to find new music. Edinburgh has many charity shops, and most have records. These shops must provide rich pickings for the locals. But not much for me even though I tried digging on many occasions. Although I did buy an old techno LP which is mighty fine but that was from a proper second hand record shop and was delightfully undervalued. I also went to another record shop in Edinburgh, up the road from Bristo Square. It's an insane place. All the records are in those modular plastic stacking boxes. The stacks are six to eight boxes high. In fact the shop is so full of records that the walkways around the shop are maybe six inches wide and so you cannot turn around once you are in the shop. I reversed out quite quickly. Just before I left for Scotland, I was lucky enough to acquire part of a long lost TV library archive. 800 LPs in all. I’ve not had much time to start work on them yet, but a couple of the titles are mentioned below. This many library LPs will take me months and months to work through - as we all know what may seem to be crap can always turn out to have a magical oddity right at the end. Like most things in life I suppose.


Well here we are. Summer's here at last. Strawberries and cream. (Could the "SCENARIO" be Wimbledon????? - DC). Last time I had strawbewrries I came out in a rash on both arms. How weird is that. I've always been a bit wary of the old strawbug though, looks deadly to me. Anyway, I have been record shopping on and off. Well mainly off. The olde interweb is making things intriguing, and I have had no good charity finds for ages. As usual this selection is a menagerie of oddness found and recovered from funny places over the last few months. I like them for all sorts of peculiar reasons which may well become apparent as you read on. Also, and I believe this is important, as a direct result of compiling this Library book (see front page news) I have become obsessed with peculiar library records again. I mean there are more here than there are normally. Even the first LP mentioned is a library record, and I thought I'd kicked the habit ages ago, and it's just got worse. Oh well. Now before I go on I will dedicate this list of foolish recommendations to the glorious and charismatic Jack Kane. He wrote for Record Collector, compiled the legendary RC Price Guide and became a real chum over the last few years. He tragically took his own life recently and I have found it hard to deal with. I know it's not much of a gesture but I'm sure Jack would appreciate it somehow. Or at least take the piss or something. Anyway, on we go...


This isn't getting easier. I don't know why I've just written that, it really has little relevance. Anyway, this is the usual quarterly gorpfest of delicious lovely vinyl what I am currently listening to chez Trunk. The decisions as to exactly what to put in here are made very much on the spur of the moment, and as soon as I've finished it all I remember another load of sounds that I have forgotten. Ah well. Looking at the selections below it's still all heading deeper and deeper in to the land of odd and funny film musak, but as I've always said, and mainly to myself, you will always find the sounds you want at any time and for all occasions in the land of celluloid. Well it works for me. Where was I...