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This listing of current vinyl lolling about near the Trunk turntable has taken bloody ages to write, because the turntable has been moving around the house and so have the records. Its been a sort of musical chairs thing but not with chairs and in all sorts of different rooms. Anyway, there are some good records here and others too


It has been a busy few months. Yeah like really busy. Not a lot of it to do with records, but there was a good collection of weird free jazz that appeared in London, and I bought a few of the albums that surfaced. On reflection I’m not sure why I did as many were quite wrong for me, a little too squeaky for my ears, although one album did have a man playing piano and improvising with a parrot. Or it might have been the other way round. Other music this time has come from other places, like other record shops.


I love Spring, mainly because my birthday falls right at the beginning of it. Here are some records I have found, bought and heard a lot recently. And none have got on my tits yet.