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It’s very nearly Christmas and so it’s time for a brief list of top album that will be aired and repeated throughout the festive holiday period. This list includes some old faves and a number of new faves that may not turn into old faves. Only time will tell.


Much of my time recently has been taken up trying to sort my record out, rather than listening to them. There are lots everywhere as usual, more arriving by post and a surprising amount via old fashioned shopping and digging. I also hear of new old second hand shops opening up and doing well, which puts a big smile on my face. I have a feeling old fashioned digging about in amongst grubby old vinyl will continue for many years to come, whish is just great. Anyway, the following albums are enjoying rotation in the Trunk front room, except for when Bert wants to watch cartoons.


It has been a busy few months, and I have been up to my ears doing very little. I have bought a few records though, and some of them I have written about below...


The world is overflowing with music. It's totally flooded with music. Of course there's all the old stuff - hundreds of years of it, and now, on top of that there is masses upon masses of new stuff. And on top of that even more masses of reissue stuff. Across all genres there are new discoveries, represses and unheard thingies coming out all day long, on old formats, new formats, blogs, everything. I really can't keep up with it all. Also anyone can make music and distribute their very own music these days very easily, so there is also masses of brand new music hitting us all from every angle and some angles I don't even know about. And I can't listen to it all. And anyone can issue an old or lost recording these days without too much fuss; just google your fave forgotten composer, up he comes, email him, ask if he's got any old music hanging about in the shed, and off you go. And I can't listen to all that either. It's great in many ways but also it's getting very tricky to work out what's good, what's bad and what's very average. I've got no idea any more. But I currently like these:


Happy new year. Happy new February. Happy new records. Yes, lots of them, all here and all being heard on the Trunk turntable. Actually this is a little bit wrong, as late last year the Trunk turntable decided to stop working. Made in about 1965, the Trunk turntable has behaved itself for somewhere between 15 and 20 years without even a teeny weeny murmur. It's an old Thorens and is very reliable, clunky and hardworking. Then all of a sudden it started squeaking. Then slowing down. Then not going around at all. Luckily there is a man with a shop who has the right kind of brain for this sort of thing, and he is currently performing all kinds of re-greasing and things like that with screwdrivers and stuff and is hopefully going to fix it up proper like. Although it is taking a few weeks, which in tech speak means a few months. In the meantime it have borrowed Joel's deck which is very nice indeed.